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National Stadium Venue Information

The National Stadium, also known as the "Bird's Nest", is a key competition venue of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games. The opening and Closing ceremonies of the two Games will take place here, together with the football, and track and field competitions. The stadium looks like a nest from the outside, symbolizing a cradle holding the hopes of mankind for the future. It is the iconic structure of the Beijing Olympic Games and has become a recognized landmark worldwide.

Olympic events: Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Athletics, Football final

Seating: 91,000

Paralympic events: Opening and Closing ceremonies, Athletics

Olympic dates: August8, August15-24

Opening hours: Two hours prior to the start of competition/Ceremony

Walking distances:

The National Stadium is located in the southeast corner of the Green and can be reached from all four main Olympic Green entries. Distances from the main entries to the Stadium are as follows:

From the South Entry of the Green: approximately 900 meters

From the East Entry of the Green: approximately 1,200 meters

From the Southwest Entry of the Green: approximately 700 meters

From Subway Line 8 "Olympic Green": approximately 400 meters

Find your seat

National Stadium uses five numerical designators and letters of the alphabet for seat location (see the sample).

National Stadium Venue Information

(1) The National Stadium is divided into 12 sectors (A-H, J-M), and has 12 ticket checks around the periphery, marked AB, BC, CD, DE, EF, FG, GH, HJ, JK, KL, LM, MA. Check the "sector on your ticket and enter by the corresponding ticket check. For example, if your ticket indicates "Sector A", then you may enter through ticket checks AB or MA.

(2) "Tier" is divided into upper (3), middle (2) and lower (1) floors. Once you find your "tier", you will easily enter your "aisle".

Holders with Tier 1 (lower) tickets can enter the 1st floor lobby and access aisles with 1 as the first number.

Holders of Tier 2 (middle) tickets must use the stairs from the 1st floor lobby to get to the 2nd floor lobby, and then access aisles with 2 as the first number.

Holders of Tier 3 (upper) tickets must use the staircases under the steel structure to ascend to the 5th or 6th floors for aisles with 5 or 6 as the first number.

Spectator Tip

a) Opening and Closing ceremonies

The Opening and Closing ceremonies will take place at the National Stadium. Strict security measures will be in place and spectators may only enter with tickets that carry their names. Bring your ID or passport and arrive early.

b) Marathon

The Marathon will start in Tian'anmen Square and finish in the National Stadium. Spectators waiting for the athletes to arrive will be entertained with cultural shows. For more details on the Marathon, refer to pages 100-101.

c) Race Walk

The race walk will take place on August 16, 21 and 22. The start and finish will be in the National Stadium, but unlike other track events, the course will take the athletes along ZHONGZHOU Road in the Central Zone of Olympic Green. The following is the route map for the race walk.

National Stadium Venue Information
National Stadium Venue Information
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