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Competition Format

In the taekwondo competition, each weight category will consist of a single elimination tournament with a repechage for the bronze medal contest.The winner of the final contest will receive the gold medal and the loser will receive the silver medal.

Losers to the finalists from all phases will advance to the repechage. In the repechage, the losers of the semifinals during the elimination phase will be seeded directly to each of repechage finals, but on the opposite side of the bracket. Other losers will advance to the repechage unseeded, at the same side of the bracket in which they contested during the elimination phase.

The two winners in the repechage finals will each receive a bronze medal.


The draw for the Olympic taekwondo competition will be a single draw session for all weight categories, which should be held two (2) day before the competition, at the latest, with a maximum of two representatives from each NOC.

Accredited media should have access to the draw sessions.The location will be determined by the BOCOG Competition

Management, in agreement with WTF. The draw should be held at a venue which meets technology requirements.


All contestants will need to pass the weigh-in one day before competition.At the latest two (2) hours before the weigh-in for particular weight categories, BOCOG Technology should produce the outputs:

- Entry list by Weight Category

- Weigh - in List

The second output listed above will be used by the International Referees (IR) and the WTF Technical Delegates (TDs) to conduct the weigh-in. This output is an internal WTF document and will not be distributed to the media and teams.

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