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The modern game of handball was first played towards the end of the 19th century in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Recognition of field handball based on the games of "Raffball" and "Königsbergerball" occurred at the turn of the century. G. Wallström introduced Sweden to the sport of "handball" in 1910. [Full story]

Drawing of lots for the Olympic handball competitions

• Drawing of lots for the Olympic handball competitions (men's):
Group A: Poland (A1), France (A2), Croatia (A3), China (A4), Spain (A5), Brazil (A6)
Group B: Germany (B1), Denmark (B2), Russia (B3), Republic of Korea (B4), Iceland (B5), Egypt (B6)

• Drawing of lots for the Olympic handball competitions (women's):
Group A: Norway (A1), Romania (A2), France (A3), China (A4), Angola (A5), Kazakhstan (A6)
Group B: Russia (B1), Germany (B2), Hungary (B3), Republic of Korea (B4), Sweden (B5), Brazil (B6)

List of Events

On the program of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008
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Hall of Fame

Magnus Wislander Magnus Wislander Nicknamed "The Hose" because of his ability to slither through the defense, Magnus Wislander was voted World Handball Player of the Century in 1999. He first played for the Swedish national team on 16 January 1985 and continued to represent his nation through 2004.[Full story]

Athlete numbers:

Men 168 (12 teams x 14 players); Women 168 (12 teams x 14 players)

  • MEN
Event Qualification Total
2007 World Championships The Men's and Women's World Champions 2007 are qualified Men: 1 team Women: 1 team
Continental Qualifications 1 men's team and 1 women's team qualify from
each of the 4 continental federations:
-- Africa
-- Asia
-- Europe
-- Pan-America
Men: 4 teams
Women: 4 teams
IHF Qualifying The remaining 6 (men) and 6 (women) teams
qualify through IHF Qualifying Events
Men: 6 teams
Women: 6 teams
Host nation The host nation automatically qualifies 1 men's
team and 1 women's team
Men: 1 team
Women: 1 team
Total Men and Women 12 teams
12 teams

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