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Take the romantic, swashbuckling epics of Errol Flynn, add some rules, protective clothing and an electronic scoring system, and you have fencing at the Olympic Games. Two rivals stand opposite each other and feint, lunge, parry and riposte until one scores the required number of hits to win. [Full story]

List of Events

On the program of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008
  • • épée individual Men
  • • épée individual Women
  • • épée team Men
  • • foil individual Women
  • • foil individual Men
  • • foil team Women
  • • sabre individual Men
  • • sabre individual Women
  • • sabre team Men
  • • sabre team Women


Athlete Quota:
102 men
102 women
8 host country fencers (gender not defined)
Total of 212 athletes

Maximum per NOC:
3 fencers per weapon for the weapons in which there is a team event
2 fencers per weapon for the weapons in which there is only an individual event.

  • QUAL

November 15, 2007 Deadline for the submission of requests for Tripartite Commission Invitation places by all NOCs.
March 31, 2008 Closure of the rolling FIE Official Ranking (one competition replaces that organized the previous year)
April 15 - May 5, 2008 Zone-qualifying events
May 7, 2008 The FIE forwards the results of the zone-qualifying events
April - July, 2008 The Tripartite Commission to confirm, in writing, the allocation (if any) of the Invitation places to the NOCs.
July 23, 2008 Deadline for Beijing 2008 Organising Committee to receive entry forms submitted by NOCs

Hall of Fame

Ilona Elek Ilona Elek Ilona Elek was already 29 years old in her first Olympics ... [Full story]

Giulio Gaudini Giulio Gaudini Giulio Gaudini made his Olympic debut as a foil fencer in 1924. [Full story]

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