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John Curry

John Curry
Innsbruck 1976, XII Olympic Winter Games. Men's figure skating. Gold medallist John CURRY of Great Britain on the podium. Credit: Getty Images/Tony Duffy

Other names: CURRY, John Anthony

Born: 9 September 1949

Deceased: 15 April 1994

Birthplace: Birmingham

Nationality: Great Britain

Sport: Skating


Sapporo 1972

Innsbruck 1976


Olympic medals:

Gold: 1

Other results:

World Championships

Gold: 1 (76)

Bronze: 1 (75)

Upholding the Tradition of Elegance

Certain judges did not approve of figure skater John Curry's style because he emphasized grace and artistic expression over athleticism. Curry defended his skating as being in the tradition of Olympic figure skating pioneer Gillis Grafström. Nonetheless, for the 1976 Olympics, Curry supplemented his natural elegance with dynamic jumps. He performed his freestyle long programme to Ludwig Minkus'ballet Don Quixote. Although the Soviet and Canadian judges awarded first place to their own skaters, overall the nine judges gave Curry 105.9 points out a possible 108 points. This remains the highest point total in the history of men's figure skating and Curry won a clear victory.

(Credit: IOC. Click here for further information.)

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