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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
The Olympic Rings

The Olympic Rings

As an image of Olympism, Coubertin thought the rings had deep significance: that of the union between men. He multiplied the image to create a total of five rings. He designed and commissioned the Olympic flag to mark the 20th anniversary of the IOC's founding, on 23rd June 1914 in Paris. [Full story]

The Olympic Movement

Pierre de CoubertinOn 23 June, 1894, Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in a ceremony held at the University of Sorbonne in Paris. Demetrius Vikelas from Greece became the first president of the IOC. Two years later, in 1896, the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in Athens.More>>



Chinese Seal, Dancing BeijingEvery emblem of the Olympics tells a story. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem "Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing" is filled with Beijing's hospitality and hopes, and carries the city's commitment to the world.[Full story]

Theme Slogan

"One World One Dream" expresses the common wishes of people all over the world, inspired by the Olympic ideals, to strive for a bright future of Mankind. In spite of the differences in colors, languages and races, we share the charm and joy of the Olympic Games, and together we seek for the ideal of Mankind for peace.[Full story]

The Official Mascots

  • Fuwa

Fuwa embody the natural characteristics of four of China's most popular animals -- the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope, the Swallow -- and the Olympic Flame.

The Medal

  • The Medal

The Beijing 2008 Olympic medal is designed with inspiration coming from "bi", China's ancient jade piece inscribed with dragon pattern.

The Torch

  • The Beijing Olympic Torch

The Beijing Olympic Torch boasts strong Chinese characteristics, and showcases Chinese design and technical capabilities.

Past Games

Summer Olympics

Summer OlympicsAthens 2004
For the first time ever a record 201 NOCs participated in the Olympic Games.

Winter Olympics

Winter OlympicsTorino 2006
A record 2,508 athletes from 80 NOCs competed at the Turin Games.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Andre Agassi Andre Agassi Sport: Tennis

Nadia Comaneci Nadia Comaneci Sport: Gymnastics

Hall of Fame

Xiang Liu Xiang Liu Sport: Athletics

Spyridon Louis Spyridon Louis Sport: Athletics

Olympic Records


Olympic Symbols

The Olympic Motto: "Citius, Altius, Fortius"[Full story]
The Olympic Anthem: "Throw wreaths of fadeless flowers to the victors ..."[Full story]

Competition Schedule

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The Temple of HeavenThe Temple of HeavenThe Temple served as an exclusive altar for monarchs during the Ming and Qing dynasties. More>>