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Women's Olympic Football Tournament: Brazil defeats Ghana 5-1

Women's Olympic Football Tournament: Brazil defeats Ghana 5-1
Marta of Brazil celebrates the first goal.

On April 19 at the Beijing Worker's Stadium, team Brazil defeated rival Ghana 5-1 in the 2008 Women's Olympic Football Tournament.

From the beginning of the match, the Brazilian team, who took the silver at the 2007 women's World Cup, poked at Ghana's defense with a series of attacks. At the 19th minute, Brazilian forward Marta, one of the team's main forces, broke through Ghana's gate to score the first point of the match.

In the following 20 minutes, the game went into deadlock, with the Brazilian team heading towards Ghana's goalpost many times to no avail. Finally, at the 41st minute, Marta passed the ball to teammate Christiane, who split the Ghanan defense and added another point for Brazil.

Four minutes later, Ghana's No.11 player Gloria Foriwa attempted a shot at Brazil's net, but the ball was stopped short by the Brazilian goalie.

Shortly after the half-time break, Brazilian player Aline scored another goal for the South American team, changing the score to 3-0. At the 70th minute, teammate Christiane broke Ghana's defense again, dropping in her second goal of the match. She was followed by No. 6 Rosana, who gave Brazil their fifth goal only one minute later.

Although trailing far behind Brazil, Ghana did not give up. At the 75th minute, Ghana's No. 18 player Anita Amankwa made a solo drive into Brazil's penalty area, scoring Ghana's first and only goal of the game.

The match ended with the final score of 5-1, Brazil.

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