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Mexico defines equestrian team for Beijing Olympic Games

Updated:2008-02-15 From:Xinhuanet

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Mexico's equestrian team that will participate in the Beijing Olympic Games will be integrated by horsemen Fernando Fernandez, Jaime Azcarraga and Arturo Chedraui, Mexico's Olympic Games delegation head Carlos Padilla confirmed on Thursday.

Padilla said the three-man equestrian obstacle team was determined by the Mexican Equestrian Federation after months of evaluation in different exhibition competitions.

Mexico will be represented in the equestrian training category by Bernadette Pujals, while a 4th equestrian obstacle horseman, as well as a substitute, have yet to be determined.

With these new participants, Mexico now has 57 athletes that will participate in the 2008 Olympic Games that will begin on August 8.

Some of Mexico's athletes that will participate in the 2008 Olympic Games earned their passes in international competitions and world sports' cups while others obtained their passes since every country has rights to a certain amount of passes.

Padilla said he expects some 150 Mexican athletes will participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, 30 more than in Athens 2004.

In Athens 2004 Mexican athletes won three silver medals and one bronze.

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