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Bolt lightning quick

Updated: 2008-08-20 23:37:30
Bolt lightning quick
Jamaica's Usain Bolt poses by his world record winning time (Photo credit: Liao Yujie/Xinhua)

(BEIJING, August 20) -- Jamaican Usain Bolt dashed through the finish line of the Men's 200m to complete a rare sprint double by winning the Men's 200m, days after having won the Men's 100m at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Bolt set a new world record of 19.30 seconds in the Men's 200m final to take the gold medal in this event on August 20. His elegant and relaxed performance has captivated the world of Athletics.

Shawn Crawford of the United States took the silver medal with a time of 19.96 seconds, striding in just ahead of bronze medalist Walter Dix at 19.98s.

Churandy Martina of the Netherlands Antilles, who had apparently taken the silver with his nation's best ever time of 19.82 seconds, was disqualified under IAAF Rule 163.3 -- lane infringement. The Jury of Appeal evaluated all available evidence and decided to accept the appeal presented by the United States team.

Bolt lightning quick
Usain Bolt crosses the finish line. (Photo credit: Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Bolt has become the first man to win the 100m and 200m in the same Olympics since Carl Lewis in 1984.

Other double sprint champions include American Jesse Owens, who won the 100m and 200m at Berlin at the 1936 Olympics, and Valery Borzov of the then Soviet Union, who won both 100m and 200m at Munich in the 1972 Olympics.

The youthful and exuberant champion could barely contain his joy, "I never expected this. I knew the track was a fast track but I didn't think this was possible."

Bolt reveled in his spirited celebrations, laughing and dancing and posing for the world while draped in his national colors.

"I'm shocked, I am still shocked. I have been aspiring to the world record for so long."

This Jamaican sprint giant entered into the final of the Men's 200m as favorite after leaving the world in awe with his phenomenal 9.69s world record triumph in the Men's 100m on August 16.

Predominantly renowned for his 200m talent, Bolt made headlines earlier this year when he stormed onto the 100m scene, clocking 9.72s to break the world record in New York in May. Initially, Bolt was using the 100m for "speed work" to improve on his more favored 200m.

Bolt has now run the four fastest 200m times in the world this year, including 19.67s (Athens), 19.76s (London) and 19.83s (Ostrava). His winning run of 19.67s at the Athens Grand Prix in July was the fifth-fastest ever.

Wallace Spearmon of the United States was also disqualified from an apparent bronze medal performance because of a lane violation. In the course of defending his challenge, the US track officials discovered Martina's error.

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