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2008 U.S. Olympic men's gymnastics team finalized


(BEIJING, June 23) – The 2008 U.S. Olympic men's gymnastics team, made up of six men and three replacement athletes, has been announced, yet still to be nominated to the U.S. Olympic Committee for further approval, the USA Gymnastic website reports.

Paul Hamm and Jonathan Horton, named at the conclusion of the men's competition at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics in Philadelphia, are two locks on US men's team, while the rest of the team were selected by the men's selection committee.

Tentative lineup for Olympic men's gymnastics team is: Joe Hagerty, Morgan Hamm, Paul Hamm, Jonathan Horton, Justin Spring, Kevin Tan,with the three replacement athletes to be: Alexander Artemev, Raj Bhavsar, David Durante.

The USA Gymnastics website quotes Steve Penny, president of the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States, as commenting, "The competition at the Trials this week has been incredible, and the USA has fielded a very strong team for Beijing. The U.S. men are medal contenders. The men's selection committee was very thorough in its deliberations to determine the best combination of men to represent us in the Games."

The women's competition at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics concluded on the evening of June 22. A minimum of two women gymnasts will be named to the U.S. Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team after the Trial, with the whole Olympic roster to be finalized after a selection camp on July 20.

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