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New Beijing Subway Line 5 is passenger-friendly

New Beijing Subway Line 5 is passenger-friendly
Clearly marked signs in Beijing Subway Line 5 station

(BEIJING, September 29) -- At 27.6 km long, the north-south Beijing Subway Line 5 starts at the Tiantongyuan North terminal station and ends at Songjiazhuang terminal station. Line 5 offers numerous passenger-friendly features to attract riders.

Originally the northern terminal station (Tiantongyuan North) was not included in the blueprints for Line 5. Instead, Beijing Subway added the station after residents near the station requested it. Now, the station will be able to accommodate the tens of thousands of commuters who live near the station.

New Beijing Subway Line 5 is passenger-friendly
Streamlined subway car seats

Line 5 incorporates passenger-friendly considerations in terms of safety and navigation as well. This is the first subway line in Beijing to adopt a standardized sign system in the stations, and subway riders will be able to locate the subway stations and find their way around the subway stations with ease.

New Beijing Subway Line 5 is passenger-friendly
LCD screen inside the subway car

Purple is Line 5's signature color. The subway cars of this purple line are the most advanced cars produced in China today and are the first subway cars to be constructed entirely of stainless steel. At 20-m wide and 50-tall, they are the most spacious cars of the Beijing Subway and have capacity for 1,424 persons.

The cars also offer streamlined, ergonomic seats. Illustrations accompany the written signs within the cars to make them easier to understand.

New Beijing Subway Line 5 is passenger-friendly
Moving walkway

Line 5 features numerous other rider-friendly improvements over the other existing Beijing Subway lines:

-- Emergency police contact device for passengers

-- Device for securing wheelchairs on the subway car

-- Anti-speeding mechanism that will kick in to slow the train down if the train surpasses a predetermined maximum speed

-- The first automated passenger information system of Beijing Subway that is capable of receiving live TV signals. During the Olympic Games, passengers will be able to watch live broadcasts of the competitions while they ride the subway.

-- Automated passenger information system machines in all 23 stations of Line 5 will allow riders to look up train and bus information and schedules, news, weather, etc.

-- A designated elevator for people with a disability at every station.

-- Moving walkways at Chongwenmen station and Dongdan station – the two major subway transfer stations.

-- Seamless ticket check and fare card system

-- Jointless track circuit technology to prevent trains from derailing

-- Mobile phone reception in the station and on the entire subway ride.

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