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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
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Olympic Sports Center Station

Updated: 2008-07-18

As the nearest station to the Olympic Sports Center, sports elements are reflected throughout the design. The station's 28 pillars are decorated with white-striped blue ceramic tiles. The white stripes depict athletes from various sports. The subway platform and safety doors are also emblazoned with Olympic sports patterns. The design scheme seeks to extend the Olympic experience throughout the underground station.

The Olympic Sports Center is located on the north side of the station. It should be noted that both the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube can be photographed together from the north exit. There are also two exits located to the south of the station; the southeast exits to Yingdong Stadium and the southwest exits to the China Ethnic Culture Park.

Passengers can access bus lines: 113, 386, 407, 656, 660, 689, 740, 753, 939, 944, 944 branch, and 983 branch.

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