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90,000 Beijing taxi drivers learn English

Updated:2007-08-23 From:Chinanews

Nearly 90,000 taxi drivers in Beijing are working hard on their English, thus they will be able to communicate with foreigners in the near future. Some of them may even be able to chat with foreigners about the NBA star Yao Ming, or Beijing snack. Chen, a taxi driver, likes to talk with foreigners.

Because of this, he often waits for foreign customers outside star-rated hotels where foreign visitors are usually put up. "I have finished 3 books of the New Concept English. Now I can talk with them freely," said Chen proudly.

The taxi companies in Beijing have equipped their taxies with translation machines to help the drivers who know not much English. Li, who is responsible for providing service outside the beach volleyball court during the "Good Luck Beijing" campaign, has tested the system, which can translate English, Japanese and Korean. He felt the system was really helpful.

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