The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic GamesAugust 8-24 2008
Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
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Updated:2008-05-30 leaps to next generation Net
Scene of the launching ceremony

(BEIJING, May 30) -- The official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ( upgraded to the IPv6 system, the next generation Internet, on Friday,

It is the first time in the history of the Olympic Games that an Olympic website has been developed using high-speed IPv6 technology.

The announcement was made at a press conference, where the launching of the domain -- -- was witnessed by officials from Tsinghua University, the China Education Research Network (CERNET), the Technology Department of BOCOG and, the Internet content sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games.

From now on, IPv6 users across the world can visit through China's next generation Internet CNGI—CERNET2. leaps to next generation Net
Officials in a group photo

Jointly designed by BOCOG, CERNET and, the website will provide speedier and more secure services for users worldwide, thanks to an additional 12 servers deployed at Tsinghua University, where CERNET's national network center is located. It is believed that the new technology will help alleviate traffic pressures on the current servers by diverting part of the traffic from international visitors to IPv6 servers.

IPv6 is the sixth version of the Internet Protocol. According to authoritative international data organizations, the existing domain space of IPv4 around the world will be exhausted by April 22, 2010. China has launched a demonstration project of CNGI and built the largest pure IPv6 system of CNGI-CERNET2, which connects 25 core node points in 20 major cities of China. In addition, high-speed connection has been realized with next generation Internet backbones like US Internet2, EU GEANT2 and APAN of the Asia and Pacific region. The construction of under the framework of CNGI-CERNET2 will play an important and demonstrative role in promoting China's native IPv6 backbone to the world.

The new system is operating well after repeated test runs, the organizers said.

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