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Beijing's efforts to improve air quality applauded


(BEIJING, June 6) -- Officials from the International Olympic Committee and an Italian research institute have lauded Beijing's efforts in improving air quality for the Olympic Games, according to Beijing Daily.

"The IOC has been devoted to promoting improvement of air quality and sustainable development in the Olympic host cities, and we are pleased to see Beijing honor its bid pledges by taking measures to achieve remarkable progress in this area. We believe that Beijing will ensure quality air for the Olympic Games and will leave rich environmental legacy," said Pal Schmitt recently. Schmitt is the chairman of the IOC Sport and Environment Commission.

Dr. Ivo Allegrini, director of Italy's Institute for Atmospheric Pollution, has witnessed the progress that Beijing has made in the past five years in this area. Since 2003, he has been involved in air quality control with authorities of Beijing and other cities. He stressed Beijing's short-term and long-term measures and said Beijing's efforts should be an example for other cities in China. He believed that China will see an overall improvement in air quality within several years.

The officials' remarks were made in the wake of updates by officials and experts from Beijing's environmental protection agency, BOCOG and the Lausanne and Rome branches of the China Academy of Sciences at the end of May and early June, respectively.

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