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Rules for Prize Selection in the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Collection Contest


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I. Objectives

1. The Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Collection Contest is a theme cultural activity approved by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 29th Olympic Games (BOCOG). Conducted according to the need of holding a "People's Olympics", the contest is an important part of the cultural activities carried out by BOCOG.

2. The objectives of the contest are to promote the Beijing Olympic Games using sculpture as the symbol and carrier, to display the harmonious image of China and Olympic art works so as to create a favorable environment for the Games, and to enhance cultural exchanges between Beijing and its sister cities abroad with a view to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people of various countries.

3. By taking advantage of the Games and through the effective form of sculpture designs collection and contest, the activity shall encourage creations, award excellent works, foster new talents, accumulate heritages for future Olympics and promote refined Olympic landscape sculptures.

II. Scope of Contest and Setting of Prizes

The prize-winning works shall be chosen from the 290 successful candidate works, including those supplementary works and reliefs that participated in the national and international exhibition tours.

1. There shall be 5 Golden Prizes, 9 Silver Prizes and 15 Copper Prizes, totaling 29 prizes to signify the 29th Olympic Games. The winners of the prizes shall be awarded with a trophy and a certificate by the sponsors of the activities, namely the BOCOG, the Chinese Artists Association, and the Yiyuan Culture and Art Promotion Society of Beijing.

2. There shall be 50 "Five Rings" prizes symbolizing the Five Rings of the Olympics. The winners shall be presented with a trophy and a certificate by the Cultural Activities Department of BOCOG.

3. There shall be 211 Excellence prizes, the winners of which shall be issued with a certificate by the Organizing Committee of the Contest.

III. Principles for Selection

1. Principle of Fairness

a) Persons and entities who meet the requirements, agree with and support the spirit and principles of the Olympics, and are willing to voluntarily offer creative ideas for landscape arts and submit draft designs are all qualified to participate in the contest. To enter the contest, the participants are requested to submit their draft designs.

b) All participants enjoy equal status and opportunities.

i. c. Votes of the audiences shall be taken into account, and reasonable points shall be given to relief designs not chosen for exhibition tours or foreign designs that may lose some points on "guest ground" so as to show macro fairness.

c) The judges shall not be influenced by external social opinions and shall not treat works for selection with personal preference or prejudice.

2. Principle of Openness: The whole process of contending for selection and prizes shall be conducted in open, that is, the information, procedures and methods of the contest, the composition of the judges and supervisors, as well as the results of the contest shall all be made public.

3. Principle of justice: The collection and contest shall not be interfered, threatened and lured by external forces. The interests and rights of the judges and candidates shall be comprehensively protected. Supervision over the votes shall be performed by the Beijing Notary Office.

IV. Criteria for Selection and Share of Points for Reference

1. Meaningfulness: The subject should have positive meaning and high cultural and ideological quality, comply with the Olympic Spirit and Idea, and embody man's pursuit for truth, good and beauty. The conception should be solemn, healthy, positive and exalting, having the feel of the epoch and bearing the characteristics of the Olympic theme. 20%.

2. Commemorativeness: The work should have direct visual association with and symbolic connotation of the Beijing Olympics, suitable for commemorating the 29th Olympic Games. 10%.

3. Artistic Level: Beautiful in shape, high in academic attainment and fairly high in professional standards. 15%.

4. Creativeness: Pioneering, novel and original. 15%.

5. Harmoniousness: Being harmonious with the Olympic venues and the city environment, contemporary, and matching with the social needs and cultural traditions; being environment-friendly. 10%.

6. Influentialness: Generating good results and popularity during national and international exhibition tours, wining comparatively high votes from the audience, and enjoying wide acceptance of the public voice. 15%.

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