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Mexican television to send 200 staff members to Beijing 2008

Updated:2008-07-10 From:Xinhuanet

MEXICO CITY, July 9 (Xinhua) -- The Mexican group of electronic media Televisa will send 200 staff members to cover the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008.

In a press conference, general director of Operations Elias Rodriguez said Wednesday that, besides the staff, Televisa will display the most advanced technology ever used in its history.

The Mexican TV consortium will use three ship containers and three air shipments to transport 28 tons of equipment to the Olympic Games to take place in different scenes of China from August 8-24.

Rodriguez said that Televisa will have a production studio of 400 square meters at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) of Beijing located in the National Convention Center of the capital of China.

Televisa will have another 200 square meters in the Ling Long Pagoda tower which is 128 meters tall, from where some media will broadcast their Olympic programs.

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