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Ji Lin: Nine aspects to be guaranteed during the Games


(BEIJING, March 12) -- City operations involve a wide spectrum of aspects, and the Beijing municipal government will guarantee nine aspects during the Olympic Games, Beijing's Deputy Mayor Ji Lin said on Wednesday.

Ji, one of the deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC), made the remarks at a press conference held at the Great Hall of the People.

According to Ji, the Olympic City of Beijing will guarantee

-- Smooth command of the city's operations during the Games;

-- Smooth progress of the Olympic venue and facility construction. So far, all venues have been completed or are almost complete, except for the National Stadium, the National Convention Center, the Media Village, the Olympic Village and the Multifunctional Studio Tower (The Ling Long Pagoda). In terms of venue quality, a responsibility tracking system has been put in place.

-- Harmonious operation of the transit system during the Games. In recent years, Beijing has increased efforts to build up the transportation infrastructure. 34.5% of the city's residents used public transportation last year in the city, and the figure will exceed 40 percent this year.

-- Air quality that meets targets during the Games. Seventy percent of the days this year are anticipated to be of second grade or better.

-- Beautiful and sound urban surroundings;

-- Sufficient supply of water and energy sources;

-- Health and food safety;

-- Cordial and thoughtful services;

-- Safe operation of the city, namely contingency plans and safe production.

Public transport capacity to be increased

Regarding transportation during the Games, Ji admitted that the Olympic Games, as a large-scale international sports gala, will have an impact on daily life. The municipal government will counter the impact with plenty of transport services: First, phase one of the Line 10 subway, the Olympic lateral line, and the airport line will likely be put into operation before June to further facilitate commuting. Second, the number of buses will be increased and the operational schedule lengthened. The municipal government will roll out another 1,800 buses to accommodate more people using public transit. In addition, Beijing also has 66,000 taxis in the city that will readily take passengers during the Games.

Beijing to establish command organization for city operations

Ji said that whether the command system for city operations and management is sound and whether the command is smooth remains vital during the Games. Beijing has come up with a basic tentative plan: Establish a command organization for the city's operation, with the mayor as chief and relevant vice-mayors as deputies. Subordinate to the organization will be two centers -- a command center responsible for the detailed command, dispatching and coordination, and a monitoring center, which keeps track of the basic situation of the city's operations.

The governmental departments will establish professional headquarters in accordance with their duties to take charge of the operations in certain industries, while governments at district and county levels will set up headquarters within their jurisdiction to see to the operation in central areas.

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