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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
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Ma Guoli: High definition signals to enable superb Olympic broadcasting


(BEIJING, October 24) -- All broadcasting for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will use high definition signals, said Ma Guoli, CEO of Beijing Olympic Broadcasting (BOB).

This is a highlight of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and it is an innovation in Olympic history.

Ma Guoli introduced the functions of BOB, saying that the task of BOB is to provide signals and service to broadcasters that have bought broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games.

Since there are more than 200 buyers for the broadcasting rights and every broadcasting or TV station has to provide unique sports programs, the individualized service provided by BOB is very important.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games broadcasting will use high definition (HD) signals, said Ma. He added that producing HD signals is not that mysterious. The manufacturing process is basically similar to ordinary signals, but HD signals have high requirements for optical lines in the venue.

On the north-west side of the Bird's Nest, the Multi-media Broadcasting Tower (Linglong Tower) is being built. After Linglong Tower is put into use, broadcasters will work in the studios in the tower. Stunning Olympic parks and the surrounding venues will be the background for broadcasting.

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