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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
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Studio tower to rise from Olympic Green


(BEIJING, September 28) -- A multifunctional studio tower, named Ling Long Pagoda, will soon rise from the ground of the Olympic Green, Ma Guoli, BOB's chief operating officer, said here on Friday.

At 128 meters tall and with seven floors, the tower has an astonishing three-dimensional shape of a triangular prism of vertical transparent glass.

Each floor is the shape of an equilateral triangle with two elevators at two corners and one fire escape at the other and is divided into upper and lower levels to keep work areas separate from storage and personal areas.

During the Games, the Rights Holding Broadcasters will work inside the studios of the structure, where they will deliver the most spectacular images of the Olympic Green and the competitions to audiences across the globe.

After the Games, the tower will also serve as one of the permanent landscapes in the central area of the Olympic Green, where many Olympic venues are located.

According to plans, the tower will be delivered to Beijing Olympic Broadcasting (BOB) on July 1, 2008, more than one month ahead of the opening of the Games.

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