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The successful 'Olympic Adventures of Fuwa'

The successful 'Olympic Adventures of Fuwa'
Scene from the series: Fuwa clears a hurdle at the National Stadium

Television audiences across China have been extremely receptive to the Olympic mascot cartoon series, "The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa," since the first episode aired on August 8.

It could be the cartoon's vivid scenes that have made the series a success already. Or, it might be that the Fuwa are just irresistibly cute. No matter, "The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa" has done outstandingly well in terms of ratings.

The Kaku Cartoon network reported 2.06% of television viewers tuned in for the Olympic mascot cartoon series premier. On April 14, viewership increased to 2.61%, placing the cartoon series at the top of Kaku's cartoon lineup of the week. For most cartoons, including those that are imported, the audience rating falls between 0.5% and 1.2%.

Viewers have commented that the Fuwa cartoon adventures are a fun way to learn about the Olympic Games and Olympic Movement. The cartoon series spreads the Olympic spirit in an enjoyable way and according to one viewer, makes the viewers "even more excited about the Olympic Games."

Others attribute the cartoon's success to the creative ways in which it presents sports culture, Chinese cultural elements, humor and the "new Beijing Olympics.".

The Fuwa Olympic adventure series is a product of the combined effort of numerous mainland and Hong Kong Chinese artists involved in everything from writing the script, to providing the voices for the characters, to creating the cartoon's music.

Viewers can catch the series on over 100 television channels across China

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