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Day 16 Review: US team 'redeemed' on final day of firsts

Day 16 Review: US team 'redeemed' on final day of firsts

The Games of the 29th Olympiad are finally over and concluded with 12 finals including a new Olympic record in the Men's Marathon, China and Mongolia collecting their first-ever Olympic Boxing medals and Russia retaining its Rhythmic Gymnastics All Around crown. [Full story]

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The Olympic Spur Line launches for test run The Olympic Line launches for test runThe Olympic Line will carry spectators to the main Games' venues in northern Beijing. More>>

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Convenient options for Games-time transport Options for transportRoad congestion saw apparent relief, when the city's "odd-even" traffic restrictions and staggered work hours went into effect. More>>

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The Temple of HeavenThe Temple of HeavenThe Temple served as an exclusive altar for monarchs during the Ming and Qing dynasties. More>>

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