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Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/IBC being launched


Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from Google Radio News

Google Radio News

I'm with Google Radio News. My question is about foreign broadcasters. Will they be allowed to broadcast live on the streets of Beijing during the Olympics and in particular, would they be allowed to broadcast from Tiananmen Square? If not, can you please explain why not. Thank you.

Sun Weijia

The answer is very simple. You can broadcast and do live broadcast on the Beijing streets and also the Tiananmen Square. I would like to elaborate a little bit more. I would like to clarify that according to the regulations for the foreign journalists' coverage during the Beijing Games. All the journalists have the freedom to do their own broadcasting and interview. If you want to have interview with anyone, you only have to get consent from the organization and the person involved. And this policy applies to all the regions, including the cities and the suburb areas of Beijing.

However in some cases we have to coordinate with different parties concerned. For example, if you are going to have an interview, and you are going to have interview truck or interview car then you will have to find a parking space for your vehicle. However, sometimes, the interview site is at the public area or at an area where the traffic jam is very serious, so you will have to coordinate with different organizers or different authorities so that you can get a parking space for your car.

And for such kind of cases, you can go to the one-stop media services office and they will help to coordinate with different parties concerned.

Another example is that if you want to have a coverage event in certain places and on the same day, at the same time, there are other events going on, and you also want to cover the other events. But before the coverage, you have to coordinate or get consents from other organizers from the other events. In this aspect, the one-stop service is also willing to provide support for you.

Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency

Hello, I'm from Xinhua News Agency. I have two questions. I noticed that there are simultaneous interpretation booths on the left side of the platform. I would like to know what the size and the scale of simultaneous interpreters' team are and what kinds of language services that are going to be available. Secondly, I know that the restaurants in the MPC are going to operate 24 hours a day. So in such kind of mechanism, how are you going to guarantee the food safety?

Sha Wanquan

For the Games, we are going to have eight kinds of languages services available and this figure is the biggest one in the Olympic history. To ensure for safety I have raised that the food supply is monitored straightly according to the regulations.

Foreign journalist

Thank you. I would like to know if you can provide us the recent actual figures of the accredited and non-accredited journalists that will take part. And then, I read from the Hong Kong newspaper that one of the Hong Kong accredited journalists has not been allowed to come. Can you provide more information? Thank you.

Sun Weijia

For your first question, there are 21,600 accredited journalists for the Beijing Games. Among them, there are 16,000 broadcasters and 5,600 press journalists and photographers. So in total, we have 21,600 accredited journalists. As for the non-accredited journalists, we also have the data. Up till now, we have received more than 3000 applications. And now the BIMC is still receiving more applications.

Sun Weide

For your second question, the answer is very simple. The accredited journalist got an accreditation card, which is called OIAC (card Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card). However, the OIAC is only valid from today. So, in the past, the card was not activated. That is the reason why he could not enter China.

Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from Reuters


Good morning. Can I ask the internet in the building here? Is it completely uncensored? If it is not yet, will it be uncensored by the time the Games start? Or will that just be for the MPC or will it be for all the media villages as well?

Sun Weide

The internet access is very important for the Olympic Games, so we will try our best to provide best services. Our policy is that we will provide full access for the foreign journalists and the journalists from home and abroad in all the major sites, including the MPC, IBC and other places, so that your coverage will not be affected. Not long ago, the annual conference of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) was held in Beijing. And hundreds of journalists, which are sports journalists, came to Beijing. And during the conference, the internet access was tested by them and they enjoyed full access.

Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from Wen Wei Po

Wen Wei Po

Hello, I am from Wen Wei Po from Hong Kong. I have 3 questions. First of all, just now, you mentioned that when there is no press conference, the spokesperson will be ready to take the questions. I would like to know the working mechanism of such kind of services. Will there be an operation time for the spokespersons or will there be a hotline for us to call the spokesperson or we will have the chance to have a face to face talk with the spokesperson.

Second question is that just now you mentioned that there will be news stand in the MPC, where a lot of kinds of magazines and newspapers are going to be available in these news stands. I would like to know what kind of magazines and newspapers are allowed to enter MPC. Because not long ago, I heard a news that even magazine like 'Play Boy' could enter MPC. I would like to know if it is true or not? Are you going to have kinds of approval procedures for the newspapers and magazines?

And third question is that I would like to know what kinds of services in the MPC are free of charge and what kind of services are to be charged?

Sha Wanquan

As for the first question of the spokesperson service, when there is no press conference, the spokespersons are going to be ready to take the questions from the media. In order to facilitate the services, we set up the lobby in the MPC where you can find out the interview application forms and you can fill up those forms and register with the help desks so that we can arrange the meetings for you.

As for the third question, we have followed the previous Games' practice so that we set up the following facilities which are charged. They are the travel agency, a convenient store, a bank, the post office, the hair dresser.

In addition, we also have the new facilities which are also charged. They are laptop maintenance, pharmacy and the Olympic Internet broadband IC card and vending machines. As for the price, we follow the regulations and rules of China and in addition, we offer good price with the value. We also have free of charge facilities and services. For example, we have free of charge internet café which did not exist in the previous Games. We have free of charge medical stations, we also have free of charge shower rooms, and we also have free of charge Chinese traditional massage. So you can relax when you have time from your work and enjoy those free-of-charge facilities and services.

Sun Weide

As for the second question, there are approval procedure of the magazines and newspapers. I think the Chinese Customs and Immigration authorities will have relevant regulations. If you are interested, you can go to them for further information.

We are going to have another press conference at BIMC, so we only have time for the last three questions.

Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from British Television

British Television

Good morning. I am from British Television and my question is about the driving and parking permissions. Because our company applied first time in February and the second time in April, and we still haven't got the answer. And I came personally here yesterday and I spent one hour at the main gate and two hours in this building. And I didn't get anybody to answer my questions.

And my question is, is there any possibility to get it (driver permission) now, because it is very important to move around in Beijing?

Sun Weijia

First I would like to say, I am not very sure about your questions. So, I am going to give you two occasions.

First of all, if you are going to apply for a vehicle parking permit for the Olympic Games, it is like this. If you are a broadcaster, you should go to BOB and to submit your application. The BOB will contact the BOCOG. And we will arrange this. If you are from a press organization, you can go directly to BOCOG, and the BOCOG will issue the pass, according to the accreditation and numbers, and the passes that are available. The whole procedure is very transparent, I believe.

The second occasion, if you are going to have a temporary driving license for the games, you can go to the one stop service office and there you only have to submit your original driving license, a photo copy of your passport, a photo of yourself, and then you can get the driver's license, even at the one-stop offices.

I am not sure if I answer your questions or not. If not, please clarify your questions.

Sun Weide

If you want to get more information, we can talk after the meeting.

Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from Hong Kong Commercial Daily

Hong Kong Commercial Daily

My question is concerned with the numbers of the working stuff and volunteers working in the Media Village and what kind of training procedures and the recruitment procedures do you have for the working stuff and volunteers?

Sha Wanquan

We have 274 working personnel and 854 volunteers working for MPC. All of them have received the job's specific training. As for the media village, we have more than 5000 personnel, and most of them are volunteers.

Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/BIMC being launched
Reporter from

I am from I have two questions. First is about the W-LAN card. Just now, my colleague was trying to get one W-LAN card from the help desks. However, the volunteers working at the help desks were not very familiar with the policies and the procedures. And we wasted a lot of time for the whole process. The site of the help desks and the site of the payment are very far from each other. We spent one hour for the single card. And there is no experience card for us to try it out. We have to pay at least four thousand for a card for one time. Do you have any measures to improve this?

Second, I would like to comment on this press conference hall. The chairs are very comfortable. However, if we are here for longer time, we feel a little bit cold. The air conditioning is too strong. I think it is not good for the environment as well.

Sha Wanquan

So, ever since the planning stage, we have done very detailed plan. However, there are still things that are not perfect. So just as what I said, if you feel anything that is not at your convenience, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you very much for your comment and welcome to give us any more suggestions and comment in the future so that we can make our job much better.

Sun Weide

Thank you very much and that concludes the press conference.

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