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Serial Number Title Production Unit Production Team

Tomboy Can Fly


Director: Zeng Qingjie Producer: Yao Jun, Chen Rongyan Main cast: Xu Liangliang, Huang Hua

Mu Muxi is an innocent and persistent girl who keeps fighting for her hurdle goal. However, she has come to a bottleneck point that she could not enhance herself. She did not understand until swapped soul. Then she found that hurdle is just like the life, and she had to surpass herself, not only in physical quality, but in every aspects of life. She has realized that conquering herself is far more difficult than achieving the 110m hurdle.


The Second Half


Director: Yang Qingsheng Producer: Cao Renwei, Yu Bo Main cast: Liu Guancheng , Tong Yao

With Yang Qingsheng as director and Tong Yao, Dou Xiao, Liu Guancheng, Wang Jinsong as main cast, The Second Half is the first work of serial micro film “Nothing is impossible”. In order to recall the memory of his previously beloved girl, prisoner Da Ming returned the court of middle school times during parole to continue the uncompleted second half match with his friend.


The Halo of the

Inspiration Point Pictures

Director: Tian Meng Producer: Han Lei, Han Ruici Main cast: Zhang Dianlun, Dong Qing

A humble house occupies the position of the goal, and good stadium becomes an odd-shaped square. It is the third time the kids kicking the ball into the houses behind the goal. No kid dares to approach such a monster-looking house. The instigator Xiaoyu has to force himself to plead for the ball but only gets a punctured football. Since then, the children and the "bad uncle" have grudges. After a strange combination of several circumstances, children know that the “bad uncle” who sells pie was the previous football player of national team. Could the both sides compromise? Could “bad uncle” return the football pitch?


The crane tail

Inspiration Point Pictures

Director: Zhang Xiaoying Producer: Li Lintao Main cast: Wang Shixiong, Hao Ran

This film tells a story in which a boy who is always the last one and is despised by others. Later his unknown talent was inspired in an accidental state, and then he creates a counterattack. The little boy with an image of crane tail is adorable. He is short and inconspicuous, and appears to be rather weak among his tall teammates. However, there is still certain persistence in his heart as well as a rich inner emotional world. His father's death impacts him a lot. Within only 10 minutes, he has a certain emotional changes, smiling with tears.


Run In the Dreams

Inspiration Point Pictures

Director: Bi Shanyi Producer: Wang Hongzhi Main cast: Yi Yan, Li sihan

Football player Yang Dapeng, with a persistent football dream, hopes to be able to stand on the largest pitch one day and hear the warmest voice. But in reality, he still keeps sitting on the bench, not to be accepted by the coach and teammates. In a professional league, in last ten minutes of the game, Yang Dapeng got the opportunity to play. With excellent speed, he got the key points for the team to get. Confident Yang Dapeng thought he could become famous, but he was involved in the storm of public opinion. In the face of his girlfriend's leaving and ceasing training with punishment, Yang Dapeng how to continue to realize his dream?


Crazy Olympics (2 episodes)


Producer: Yang Cheng

Crazy Olympics is a talk show program launched by iQIYI during 2012 London Olympic Games. MC Meng holds justice, rewards the right and punishes the wrong. With the most humorous language to talk about Olympics, he offers “most internet” and “most sharp” comments. The program ridicules without attacking others, with cool detachment but not cold-blooded. It has become popular among netizens once getting on line.


Olympics Mother

CCTV Sports Channel

Director:Cheng Jieni Producer: Dong Hong

There are many moving stories on Olympic Games field, in which the mothers become a unique landscape. The entire film was shot and produced during London Olympic Games, telling stories about three mothers on shooting range. They were all champions of Beijing Olympic Games and became mother recently. Being a new mother, standing in the race once again, finishing role transformation, from the preparation to the game, similar life experiences let them have the different gains and feelings. In order to pursue effectiveness during the competition, the film production cycle is very short. Though not excellent, but it tells stories behind the game during London Olympic Games, and explains the game from the humanistic perspective, reducing athletes to their humanistic characteristics and transferring the strength of sports.


Yao Ming Interview

CCTV Sports Channel

Director:Cheng Jieni Producer: Dong Hong

Yao Ming Interview is a special program produced about Yao’s retirement in 2011. Due to Yao’s special status in China’s sports history, this interview program seems to more exclusive and cannot be copied. It restates the upbringing of superstar Yao Ming, and explains his great contribution to Chinese basketball and Chinese sports. In the interview, Yao Ming tells his competition moment and inspiring life, with valuable videos and his personal statement, presenting a rich and tall cultural ambassador image that connects China with the west world. The humanistic interview surpasses sports, reaching the bottom of people’s hearts. At the end of the program, Yao’s career ends with a piece of MV. The sentence “please wave your hands for me again” opens Yao’s new life. Yao Ming Interview, a video memory of Yao Ming, also a precious memory of Chinese sports.


The Advertising Video of World Table Tennis Championships
(Xu Jinglei/Tong Dawei Version)

CCTV Sports Channel

Director:Cheng Jieni Producer: Dong Hong

During the 2013 Paris World Table Tennis Championships, in order to boost ratings, Xu Jinglei and Tong Dawei were specially invited to do publicity for the game. On one hand, they both have indissoluble bound with table tennis, on the other hand, their influence is really great. Through combining culture and sports, we hope that the stars promote the game and attract more attention towards the game.


Seek Olympics

CCTV Sports Channel

Director:Cheng Jieni Producer: Dong Hong

This is a reality show. Before 2012 London Olympic Games, in Athens----the cradle of Olympic Games, 8 players from China compete with each other by seeking.
The players are all walks of life with certain fame, and they possess personality, sunny looking that can demonstrate the charm of sports. Olympia, Athens and Piraeus where the torch was relaid, in the three meaningful cities, the players will present their interpretations of Olympic history and Greece culture through answering questions, video recording and narration etc.
The program was shot during London torch relay, which includes from the torch priestess to Greece Olympics champion Dimas, providing the program with some certain enthusiasm and weight.
Through competition, the program seeks Olympics story and shows humanistic charm of the nature and sports of Olympic birthplace. It teaches the audience more knowledge about sports with enjoyment, not only adding rich Olympic atmosphere for sports channel, but also gaining better ratings.

Yi Siling

CCTV Sports Channel

Director:Cheng Jieni Producer: Dong Hong

During the shooting contest of London Olympic Games, figure videos were produced before the contest in order to help the audience know athletes better. From the original originality to shooting, video Yi Siling was produced carefully. Only three minutes, it not only expresses the real feeling of the athlete, but also increases suspense of the contest.


Young Blood

Shanghai Melsense Media

Director: Chen Haixing, Wang Jun Producer: Wang Hongzhi Main cast: Cao Shuai, Li Hui

Not everyone is born to be hero, but everyone has the potential to be a hero. Folksy express boy Xu Guang encountered many setbacks after birth that his father died and his family was very poor. However, he did not give up and tried to realize his dream step by step. Sunshine boy Yu Xuan is tall, rich and handsome. Although he has no necessity to worry about livelihood, he also had confusion that his seeking for music was despised by his father. It used to impossible for the two boys getting to know each other, but they encountered by chance. For dream, they supported each other. For youth, they acted regardless of the consequence. One fell into the dark fight field, while the other became a rising star under the spotlight. But they had no idea that they both had to pay cruel price. Conspiracy, trap, life and death were all intertwined. When the two fell in love with the same girl, everything was out of control. Let’s see they how to turn the tide with their enthusiasm and how to create their own world in the cruel youth with their fists and belief.


Ultimate endurance runner
——Chen Penbin

CCTV Sports Channel

Director: Deng Junfeng Producer: Dong Hong

Chen Penbin is an ordinary fisherman of Jishan Island Taizhou Zhejiang, who dreams of finishing ultimate endurance run in seven continents. He is the first Chinese to complete Sahara marathon and was nominated in annual unknown people of 2011 CCTV sports influential man.
The program introduces an ordinary fisherman who has sports dream and realizes the dream through practical actions. Running is not only his hobby, but also a part of his life, because running starts his new life trace and enriches his experience, making his life much more colorful. From an ordinary island fisherman to sports influential man unknown people nominee, Chen Penbin’s story best interprets ordinary runner’s extraordinary experience.

My 2012
Lin Dan Interview

CCTV Sports Channel

Director: Dong Mingrui Producer: Dong Hong

Lin Dan Interview is a special program produced after Lin Dan won the annual best player nomination of 2012 CCTV Sports Influential Man. His contribution to Chinese sports in 2012 makes the interview program exclusive and could not be copied. It tells that after Lin Dan defeated his old rival Li Zongwei again and won men’s single champion in London Olympic Games, he rethought the value of his career. Whether stay or not, he would like to transfer sportsman’s positive energy to the public. Outside the court, Lin Dan married his long-beloved girlfriend Xie Xingfang. Moments on the court, precious wedding video, Lin Dan will tell you in person.

Habgood’s Lamb

Beijing Zhen'guang Baoying Entertainment Co. Ltd

Director: Yang Minghua Producer:Qi Jingxuan Main cast: Ao Suhui, Meng Dongxue

The story happens in Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa in Inner Mogolia which is called “Hockey Town”. Hockey is a traditional sports event of Daur ethnic group for a long time. With the unique geographical and ethnic customs, vivid and moving story of kinship, children’s growth and encouragement, entangled country love, special expression of intangible cultural heritage, the film possesses rich contents, gentle and charming.
A must-win race
A dying lamb
A haunting love
A group of teenagers fighting for dreams
Three generations’ different interpretations for love
All non-professional Daur performers
Showing a contest about love and dream

Brilliant smiling
face of 15 years old

Qingdao Phoenix Century Media

Director: Wang Dan Producer: He Zhibao Main cast: He Shujing, Wang Yilin

Grade 3, class 1 of Qindao City No.39 Middle School is a class that frightens all the teachers once being mentioned. The group of 15-year-old teenagers in rebellious period are having new teacher----Cheng Tao in the new semester. This fresh-from-university teacher always takes an image of “teacher”, in order to his work performance. He tries to adopt heavy burden of homework and exam scores to restrict children’s thirst for freedom and nature release. However, marks of the “after 95” children are not “bear” or “tolerance”, but “rebel” and “fight”. Then, an unprecedented “teacher-student war” begins……They are innocent, kind but full of passion; they are young, fashionable, but not decadent; they are impulse, fanatical, but not childish. They bring persistence of dream, the most precious innocence and 15-year-old bright smiling face, creating a piece of finest youth chapter.

China's Running King


Director: Wen Fenglin Producer: Zhang Shuguang

An accidental competition made Chen Penbin who is a fisherman living on an island of Yuhuan County Taizhou Zhejiang find his own physical advantage. From then, he fell in love with race and running, and he ran out of Zhejiang, out of China to the world. Ultimate marathon is his career and running around the seven continents is his goal. At present, he has already covered 140,000km, which equals to four laps around the earth. Coming from a fishing village, Chen Penbin is a completely ordinary runner. From an accidental push-up contest in county to the king of endurance running in China who passed through the Amazon rain forest and Sahara desert. While measuring life with his feet, Chen Penbin is also moving and inspiring numerous followers around him.

Han’s Fight

Beijing Yingrun Youtai Cultural Development Co. Ltd.

Director: Zhang Miao

The film records Shanghai Volkswagen 333 car team No.6 driver Han Han’s first four race courses in 2013 CTCC China Touring Car Championship. During first two races, Han Han withdrew the race due to engine failure and rear-ends accident. Finally in the third race, he broke the score since new competition season, and won the sixth place. He was encouraged by this and said that “this is a good start”. He is a writer, but also a racer. You can read his stories in books and watch his driving skills in this film.

Snow Warrior

Beijing Yue Song Television Culture Co. Ltd.

Producer: Yue Song


Yue Song is a director with martial art dream. In winter, he led his team to Xingkai Lake in Northeast to shoot. With the temperature of lower than -30℃, in order to shoot, they had to stay in the lake for several times and to run nakedly, going through untold hardships. He presents the best interpretation of achieving dreams.


Four Tiger

CCTV Sports Channel

It’s a story of four teenagers who practice veneer skiing taking parts in the 10th Hongniu Nanshan Open Tournament


The mountain, the three

Su Rongqin

Su Rongqin

Su Rongqin, Kang Hua and Yang Bo try first time to ski on Namah peak in Gongga Mountain Area of Sichuan. The three has experienced riding wildly on plateau, swimming nakedly in ice lake, hail, snow and alpine skiing. The film will take you along with the three back to those interesting scenes. When a certain sport could combine with local natural environment and local culture, and when you are feeling that the combination has reached utmost degree, please love it and enjoy it.


Su Rongqin

Su Rongqin

In July, 2010, Su Rongqin led an international ski and mountaineering team with 7 nations to go to the Muztag Ata of Kashi area in Xinjiang. This mountain peak that locates at the border is 7546m, which is one of the mountains over 7000m that are the most suitable for skiing in the world. Its suitable skiing slope and magnificent scenery make everyone enjoy it. The group of people finally skied down from the peak through nearly 20 days’ hardship and laughter. Besides leading the team, Su Rongqin also recoded some pictures of players by camera, and then finished this work in the end.

The Quest for Yamolong

Su Rongqin

Su Rongqin

Everyone has the desire to conquer with the targets from the slide, automobiles, and girlfriend, with difficulty increasing constantly. When the four men at home or abroad came to the front of virgin peak Yangmolong, they decided to conquer it. So they took years to try different routes, and finally climbed up the last main peak more than 6000m in Sichuan area. The film won the "Golden Ice Axe" international award.

Mountain Unseen

Su Rongqin

Su Rongqin

Mountain Unseen is a film about climbing Mount Everest. As the first folk climber to guide foreign team, A su took part in all aspects of work from logistics to climbing, shot in spare time, and recorded climbing progress of this team during more than two months. Some succeeded in climbing the summit, but some died unfortunately. When you look back that snow mountain with the shot, you’ll be moved with those voices.



Su Rongqin

Su Rongqin

In October 2012, Uncle Qiu and A su tried to climb and slide from Gurla mandhata in Tibet Ali area. Few people have ever climbed this beautiful mountain hidden at the lakeside of Kailash Mansarovar. They two even tried to conquer this mountain with skiing for the first time. In more than 10 days, they climbed and slid difficultly along with severe coldness, attitude sickness, and ice cracks and hundred meter fall that almost killed them. With so many hardships around you and comfortable city life getting far away from you, you then begin to think deeply that why being there, why exploring, why living. This film can perhaps touch us.


China Heavyweight

Zhongshi Yuanfang (Beijing) Cultural Media Company

Director: Zhang Qiaoyong Producer: Han Yi

  It tells a story about a boxing instructor and his two young apprentices in Huili Sichuan. Qi Moxiang used to be the earliest professional boxer in China, and he kept selecting children suitable for boxing after his retirement. Boxing is his belief, for which he did not care difficult conditions and lonely life. Under his careful training, his apprentices He Zongli and Miu Yunfei have won a serial of good performance and were elected into provincial team preparing for national contest. Although having left professional boxing for a long time, he still held his dream of returning professional boxing competition and winning Golden Belt Title. Then Qi Moxiang of nearly 40 years old began to resume training and prepared to take part in WBC Boxing Championship in Huili……

Transformation of Li Na

CCTV Sports Channel

Director: Wen Fenglin Producer: Zhang Shuguang


After Li Na won French Open Championship in 2011, enviable reputation, wealth and influence at the same time were transformed into invisible heavy burden haunting in her world all the time. The public doubts on her poor performance and sighing on the court made her caught unprepared suddenly. During the last two competition seasons, Li Na has adjusted herself, and in 2013 Australian Open Championship, she, at the age of 31, has set a new goal for herself. Through the whole process record of Li Na in 2013 Australian Open Championship, this film shows us the transformation of a professional athlete.



Sport news division of Beijing TV sports program center

Director: Liu Ru Producer: Guo Fei


In March 2012, Beijing Jinyu Team won national champion of Chinese Basketball League, and the main player----foreign aid Mabry has become the city hero among Beijing people. His desire for Beijing culture and the courage and determination for the team make Beijing people kindly call him “Beijing Boy”, or “Commissar Ma”. In 2013 new competition season, Beijing Basketball Team has prepared well. In the film, two foreign players Mabry and Moris are wearing Chinese traditional clothes, enjoying the tea and talking in Chinese. At the quadrangle with Beijing traditional characteristics, they are playing Chinese chess on the carved mahogany table. They express their desire for the new season with Chinese chess terms and hope to fit themselves into China, into the cultural life of Beijing.


Lion Head Grabbing

Animation and digital art school of Communication University of China

Director: Duan Wenkai, Ma Weijia Producer: Gao Weihua, Suo Xiaoling Chen?


In the acrobatic troupe, the little boy and girl are partners in lion dance. The girl was not happy because the boy was always being lion head. Therefore, she grabbed the lion head with boy in performance, which led to an accident. Later, their cooperation avoided the accident and won audience’s applause.


Run! Boy

Aromatic Wheat Movie Studio

Director: Li Zhengjun



Competitive sports with Chinese characteristics

Feidieshuo Video

Director & Producer: Tang Huai


According to Han Han, there are two kinds of logics in the world----One is logic and the other is Chinese logic. Similarly, there are two kinds of sports in the world----One is sports, and the other is Chinese sports. Under the whole nation system, once a sport is involved in the market competition, the difficulty of its success is just like package Gan Lulu like a rice dumplings.


Last Summer of Zi Long

Guangzhou Heyu Culture Communication Co. Ltd

Director: Xiu Zhenyu, Zhao Mingjun, Zhu Yuchen, Guan Danqing


Zi Long is an advanced brain atrophy patient, but he loves playing baseball. On the day before the contest, Zi Long fainted during the training, but he insisted taking part in the contest on that day. In the end, his team won homerun but Zi Long’s life ended this way.


Football Story

Shanghai Design College of China Art Academy Media and Image Design Department

Director: Xiu Zhenyu, Zhao Mingjun, Zhu Yuchen, Guan Danqing


First, a machine bird draws LOGO animation, and then we are brought into the whole scene by the machine bird.
After entering the whole scene, firstly introduce the story background. Then the protagonists “fire hydrant”, “water pipe” and “alarm clock” appear, getting off the tram and walking along the street. Suddenly, a football hits head of the alarm clock. Thereby, they three start intense football performance. After a while of football grabbing, the alarm clock finally kicks the football to the front trash, but it rushes to the tram just passes by. Then, light of the tram is broke, and the tram driver gets off the tram angrily, kicking the football back to alarm clock (a malicious kick). The ending is animation adapted from designer’s own manuscripts.


Mountain Unseen

BNU—HKBU United International College

Director: Liu Yihong Producer: Liu Yihong, Zhu Siran Main cast: Gao Peng etc.


This film costs eight months, recording a group of university students’ experience from establishing rugby team to the last formal competition before graduation. As a kind of sports not very popular, rugby contains the group of young people’s emotion and sweat. They live the bitter life with enjoyment without feeling exhausted. Finally, they create such youth memory together.


Dream on the Way

Chen Xi


It tells a professional cyclist’s experience. Ji Cheng has fought for his life in Europe for six years all by his own. From a trainee in a team, he gradually grew up to be able to assist the main cyclist taking part in world top bicycle events.


From Beijing to London



From Beijing to London, two cities add radiance and beauty to each other in the Olympic light. People inherit a legacy of the Olympic Games, and feel the power of sports.


Attitude of Youth Olympics

Jiangsu radio and television station


In this short film, a group of youths who produced Youth Olympics advertising video introduce their feelings and thoughts during the shoot progress, and show their enthusiasm and sincerity.


Goodbye, wrestling

Beijing Film Academy, Youth Film Studio


In 70-80's, China wrestling once swept the country, led by Beijing, with Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia echoing each other at a distance, forming a climax in China wrestling history. Because of a fortuitous opportunity, the author has come into contact with the former wrestling king of Chinese-style wrestling Li Deshun, and has understood his story. It shows the real life circumstances of the wrestling generation.


Their nine years

CCTV Sports Channel

Director: Wen Fenglin Producer: Zhang Shuguang


The film tells the story of four teenagers’ nine years growth. Ren Pengteng is 16 years old with a sports career of 15 years. His father is his only instructor, who has trained him to run from an early age, hoping to train him become a world champion. Now 10 years has passed, he practiced sports just for a happy life......


Parkour Youth



It’s about Xinjiang Uygur teenager how to face youth and growth.


Cheerleading at CBA All Star Game




Judy is everyone


The finale track of London Olympics opening ceremony hey jude, conveys confusion, sadness, perseverance, enthusiasm and hope of the ordinary people.


Champin in me

Documentary Channel of Shanghai Radio and TV Station


It takes London Olympic Games as an opportunity, those athletes who have been successes and failed for example. It tells that success is not innate. We can be successful as long as we surpass ourselves.


Pride in me


With many talents and what they did as example, it teaches people how to face the world and how to face themselves.


Football Dream of Pocket People




Just For Dream

Beijing TV station


The 11-year-old Mongolian tennis teenager BrichoKurt is an orphan, and he becomes a tennis player after the twists and turns. We conduct tracking shooting of his domestic selection and his first international contest. From the reporter’s perspective, it describes a Chinese teenager’s tennis dream.


Scream on the rock wall

Yixiang Orient International Media


It’s about the rock climbing life of the automation lecturer He Chuan of Beijing Institute of Technology, as well as he and his climbing partner’s special route of speed climbing in Beijing Baihe Canyon.


Riding on my way

Yixiang Orient International Media


The protagonist Li Xian has become fond of extreme sports since childhood. He won the annual champion at the 2011 Beijing mountain bike downhill league, which is an unprecedented achievement. However, in 2012 Downhill League where there are many masters, how his performance will be? Whether he will win the champion again or not?


Dongming Buddha Punch

Shandong TV Station


Through three chapters, “punch”, “human” and “method”, it introduces the survival status of a kind of punch from different perspectives.


Takeshi Okada in China

CCTV Sports Channel


Takeshi Okada is the most successful coach in the history of Japan, and he was the first Japanese coach who instructed China occupation club. In documentary form, this program shows the cultural exchange between Japan and china in the special background of Chinese football.



Mengyinghua Cultural Media Co.Ltd


During the cultural revolution, Yue Haiyang was forced to leave the sports school due to origin problem, but he never gave up swimming. Facing his father’s death, friend's betrayal and love’s frustration, he still persisted in training. Through his own strength, he proved to the world that he is the real sailfish.


A 3g Dream

Soy Bottle Movie Studio


The story happened in the remote rural area of China. With father working away from home, 6-year-old little Ben lived with his mother and grandfather. One day, little Ben and his classmate Zhou Qi were watching the table tennis game in the canteen. The picture on the screen attracted him greatly, then playing table tennis became a dream in heart of little Ben......


Heaven’s Gate

Pan Pacfic Entertainment


Director: Nic Good


Jeb Corliss is an American ultimate adventurer and wingsuit pilot, with his life dream of flying in the sky. Jeb once saw Hunan Tianmen cave pictures by chance, and he had an idea of a wingsuit flying through Tianmen cave. After countless painstaking efforts, Jeb successfully accomplished the feat finally.


2012 My Bogda

Lv Jun

Lv Jun


“Bogda” refers to "spirit” in Mongolian language. From Urumqi fault zone in the west, to Barkol in the east, it has a total length of more than 300 kilometers. The main peak Bogda peak is 5445 meters above sea level. The people living at the foot of it keep climbing, and experience the fantastic world.


An Odyssey Journey

Red Bull Sports

Zhang Miao


Chinese nautical warrior Guo Chuan has driven alone the "Qingdao" for 138 days of bumps. He successfully refreshed world record of 40 foot sailing boat solo non-stop circumnavigation. He completed a contemporary China version Odyssey Trip.


Running back to China

The column traveler of Travel Channel

Liu Yan


Keep running to the East, then running back China, 6 countries, 150 days, 9200 kilometers, runners Lin Yijie and Bai Bin of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits measured the Silk Road by feet, and crossed Eurasia with their hearts. They encountered obstacles all the way, from visa refusal to food poisoning, from terrorist attacks to a dangerous rainstorm. Nothing can block their footsteps and determination of running back to China.


The Furthest Road

Christoph Rehage

Christoph Rehage


The Furthest Road made the German guy Christoph Rehage’s story of hiking in China become popular. In 5 minutes, with 1400 self photos, with the constant change of his hair and beard, he is telling people his story of hiking 4646km from Beijing to Urumqi.


Heading on West

Zeng Heqiang

Zeng Heqiang


Loneliness is one person’s carnival, and outdoor enthusiasts Wei Xia Shi personally felt this sense. He rode bike alone, riding and shooting, from Lhasa to Nepal. Because of the need of carrying his own equipment to finish shooting, he had to cover every road several times. At the end of his trip, his beautiful wife was waiting for him to spend the honeymoon.


Fixed Gear Bike of Yi Quan (Love Beijing with green travel commonweal advertising video)

Youth Channel of Beijing TV Station

Xu Jian


A commonweal advertising video of Beijing TV Station. From the perspective of a foreigner who long lives in Beijing, it describes the relationship among humans, the city and environment.


Leap Free

Yixiang Orient International Culture Communication Company

Chen Chunshi


24-year-old He Jianzhao from Xi’an is crazy about all kinds of running, leaping and climbing sports. Therefore, he constantly joins and organized various parkour sports, getting confidence and finding himself in great difficulties.


Let’s go paddling

Zeng Heqiang

Zeng Heqiang


Shuttling down from a torrent and feeing fate in grasp. Drifting is not only a kind of outdoor sports, but also a way of life. Chuck from America came to Wenzhou with a canoe. He paddles a boat with his Chinese wife and a few close friends on Nanxi River, and he also set up a club for this.


Surfers on the Qiantang River

China Surfing, Red Bull Sports, Hnagzhou Xinjushi Sports Broker Co. Ltd

Matthew Wybenga


"Surfers standing towards the tide, red flag in hand will never get wet". During 1st to 3rd of October 2012, the poem handed down through the ages has been presented in modern way in Red Bull Qiantang River Surfing Competition.



Red Bull Sports




Yixiang Orient International Culture Communication Company

Li Li


This is a must-see American classic western film for all directors, and it is also the network name and dream of an elder literary man in Beijing. Liu Siyuan, after the age of 35, he began to live according to the way he loves truly. He drove an off-road vehicle, covering thousands kilometers all by his own. Without backing support, he travelled through two great no man's lands, Qiangtang and Altun Mountains. At the same time, he recorded scenery and feelings with the poetic text.


Beauty in the Desert

CCTV Sports News

Chen Xi


Eight female riders of Xinfeng Team came to Xinjiang, ready to ride a motorcycle to challenge the ring tower rally racing line. In the face of Gobi sand, how these female riders face the challenge?


Endless Ride

Left & Right Image Studio of Guangxi Rongshui Miao Autonomous County


12 years ago, he became fond of bike climbing, and since then Luo Dingfan has never left his beloved bicycle. Bicycle not only offered him happiness during growth, but also the strength that helped him starting a new life. After healing cancer of first stage, Luo Dingfan resumed his bike climbing


Roads in the Cloud

Toread Outdoor Supplies Co. Ltd

Qiao Yan


Having climbed seven mountain peaks higher than 8000m, Wang Jing set new goal for herself -- climbing the Nuptse Peak of 7861m without oxygen. Witnessing deaths on the way didn't stop her steps, while encountering an 80-year-old climber made her more determined to go on.

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