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Description of the exhibition  

The participating description about the Ninth Beijing International Sports Movie Week exhibition

I.The selection rules:

The event is open to all sports-themed TV, movies, documentaries and new media works. All works taken between 2010 and 2013 about sports movies, TV shows, video clips, and advertisements can take part in the selection of the following seven units:

1、Olympic Games and Olympic spirit

All the documentaries, researches and reports involve the competition events, championship, participants, culture, history, values, training before the game and the competitions during the Olympic Games.

The value of the Olympic Games

Young people and the Olympic Games

2、Sports and the society

The social value showed in sport and treats sport as knowledge, its education meaning and educational function.

Sports and solidarity: social value of sport (ethics, tenacity, overcoming the defects, fair competition and to promote peace);

Universal sports, education, technical / teaching;

Interactive between sports and society: The influence of sports to the society

3、Documentary (created time period from 2010 to 2013)

Television documentaries, movie documentaries and investigations concern about sports; Stories about championship, group and competition.

Individual sports;

Team sports;

Great champion (individual / group);


4、Feature films

Fiction of drama about sports themed and describes sport events, competitions and sports figures (TV movies, cartoons, computer animation can also participate as long as they meet the requirement of the length of the movie). Sports stories should be narrated by creative and fantasy ways. Entered film should provide the information of creator in chief.

5、Sports advertisement

Full of creativities advertisement films themed by sports and national fitness.

Social / institutional advertising (public service, non-profit, corporate events and social activities);

Commercial advertising (competitions, products or services)

6、TV clip and new media

Sports cast, talk show, entertainment programs in satellite, cable, local television, the Internet, commercial broadcasting system are allowed. If it is a series, only one set can participate in the election. The movie length should be 15 to 60 minutes without spot announcement and pause;

New Media: the theme should be sport and base on the internet interactive and electronic technology and used as Network propaganda. New filming techniques or manufacturing technologies, which are break though to the produce of sport theme films are also allowed.

7、Football film and TV series

Films, TV series and new media works about the football history, championship stories, football team and chronicle of events of football.

Films and TV series about football.

Great football players or championship teams.

All of the selections will proceed under the principles of fair, impartial, objective and responsible. Committee will select those works which meet the rules. After marking and group discussing of each selected work the committee will come to a unanimously decision. Each unit elects 1 to 2 pieces of work according to the quantity and quality of the works and recommends to the global finals of outstanding works in Milan International Sports Film and Television Festival. Each recommended piece of work will get a sports film fund of 5.000 Yuan. If the work gets the Milan International Sports Film Festival World finals nomination, each piece of work will receive a 10.000 Yuan participating fund to Milan, Italy. If the copyright owner doesn’t participate in the finals, it will be regarded as abandon the funding.

The selection of works will be compared in the following aspects:

1、Subject: the subject should be clear shows an interesting new approach and correspond with the reality, carry forward positive sports value.

2、Artistic expression: Works with a strong artistic expression and influence; sound, pictures and so on are all sufficiently expressed

3、Production standard: Submission works are good quality and meet the technical requirements for the election unit; the work also needs a higher standard of filming and production;

4、Innovation and break through: subject or technique of performance have an innovative approach, a breakthrough in technology or art; make a useful exploration for the future direction of sports film and television.

II. Submission time: from April 22, 2013 to July 31, 2013.

III. Registration method: If you are interested in or want to enroll in the Ninth Beijing International Sports Film Week, please give us a reply, we will send you a registration form and ask you to submit the application form along with the following materials:

1、Mail movie works (2 pieces DVD disc of PAL system format with Chinese subtitles);

2、Submit the registration form by e-mail, and mail us the registration form in paper together with the movie work;

3、Chinese and English movie outline, synopsis, stills, posters, trailers (5min or less) and other creative staff lists and photographs;


IV.Contact information:

Mailing address: Beijing International Sports Film Week Organizing Committee Office at No. 8, East Tianchen Road, Olympic Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zip code: 100101

Contact number: +86 10 8437 3257/+86 10 8437 3258

Fax number:+86 10 8437 3250/+86 10 8437 3275


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