The 10-day contest of initiating sports film ”My dream” gets high attention


This sports film week combines athletic contest mechanism with sports film creation, firstly establishing 10-day contest of sports film “me dream”. 10 short sports films are shoot by 10 directors in 1o days. Organizing committee will select 5 competitors to take part in the creation of the short films by draw lots. Other 5 competitors will join the creation of documentary. The 5 competitors in the creation of short films and other 5 competitors in the creation of documentary will take part in the 1+1 combination. They are to finish the previous preparation of play writing in 10 days and then material shooting and post production and finally hand in the end products. This way blends the core feature of sports competitions to the creation of sports films motivate the creating potential of directors to a largest extend. The organizing committee hopes to discover, encourage, cultivate and support a group of youth directors to undertake the creation of sports film by the challenging competition form. This year will be a very beneficial exploration and trial.

CCTV movie channel will fully support the holding of Beijing International Sports Film Week by taking advantage of its own media platform. 7 Chinese and foreign classic sports movies including Fliying Sscotsman, Our Basketball Dream, Maradona by Kusturica will be specially arranged for screening on movie channel in the afternoon from August 12th to August 18th. 10-day contest promo of sports short film “my dream” will be screened ceaselessly from August 2nd to August 18th. Special column such as China Movie Report, Studios Watch, Movie Network, Movie Screen and so on in movie channel together with Plane online media resources will track and continuously report various activities of Sports Film Week all the way.

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