The opening film Odyssey’s Travel is screened in Beijing International Sports Film Week

Guo Chuan is issued with a certificate by Liu Jingmin, the Deputy Director of Education, Science, Cultrue, Sanitation and Sports Committee of the CPPCC National Committee as well as the Executive vice president of the Olympic Committee

The premiere of opening film Odyssey’s travel in the ninth Beijing International Sports Film Week is hold at the flag square of Olympic village on August 12th. In the premiere, Guo Chuan is issued with a certificate by Liu Jingmin, Executive vice president of the Olympic Committee.

The theme of this activity is “Boogie Night”, aiming to show the sports charms, humanistic spirit and free life style.

The opening documentary Odyssey’s travel will take part in the Beijing station’s valuation and selection of the 31th Milan International Sports Film Festival global finals. It records Sailing hero called Guo Chuan’s experience of ceaselessly voyaging around world by his own in 138 days. On November 18th, 2012, Chinese sailing hero Guo Chuan navigated Tsingtao No. all on his own and started off from his hometown Tsingtao. In the 138-day’s hard voyage, he successively went across the equator, passed Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope and finally traversed Indonesia sunda strait then returned to Tsingtao. The whole voyage covers 21600 sea miles. He is not only the first Chinese to finish ceaseless voyage around the world all on his own, but also creates a world record of ceaselessly voyaging around the world by 40 foots sailing ship all on his own.

In the premiere, the film protagonist Guo Chuan will attend the site of activity, share the fantastic travel with audience and tell unknown story behind the camera.

Beijing Olympic flag-raising Square will bear important mission and welcome delegation from every countries and regions to live into Olympic village during the Olympic Games. The square is firstly opened after Olympic Games for this exhibition. As the only outdoor screening site in this film week, the square is sponsored by Red Bull and named as Red Bull open-air theater.

The activity is the first-set outdoor screening unit in Beijing International Sports Film Week. According to the performance arrange, Red Bull open-air theater will screen sports documentary at night in continuous 7 days from August 12th to August 18th.

Open-air film has ever been most people’s childhood memory. It comes to many big cities again in recent years. During this activity, the Red Bull open-sir theater has 500 seats with 18 to 21 opening hours. Audience can also enjoy performance such as band, BMX project, bicycle climbing and so on at the movie playback gap.

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