The Beijing International Sports Film Week, established in 2005, is an international sports film and TV exhibition event extended until now from during the preparation and staging of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and is an important legacy of the Olympic sports culture. The 8th Beijing International Sports Film Week in 2012 cooperated deeply with Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs and introduced the 30th Sport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival Final. With the successful staging of such activities as excellent sports movies and TV works screening, sports movies and TV forum, seminar and saloon, sports imaging arts exhibition, academic exchanges and opening and closing ceremony etc., the event achieved favorable social response.

The 9th Beijing International Sports Film festival in 2013 will continue to “carry on the Olympics and promote development,”actively commit itself to the international communication and popularization of China’s sports movie and TV culture, promote China’s sports movie and TV culture, facilitate excellent sports movie and TV works going global, and forge the Beijing International Film Week into a sports movie and TV brand activity with international popularity and authority.

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