My Dreams - Sports Short Film Competition  

To memorize the fifth anniversary ofthe successfully-heldBeijing Olympic Game,putthe feature of the Olympic core zone into full play, stimulate the creation of Chinese sports film and television worksafter the Olympic Games, and discover and cultivate the excellent youth directors in China, “My Dream” 10-day Sports Film Competition will take place during this Sports Film Week.This competition will select 10 excellent youth directors in China,dividethem into 5 groups of sportsfilm teams, each of which consists of a sports film director and a documentary director to shoot a 8-minute sports film and 5-minute documentary with required theme in ten days. Some Olympic champions,such as YangYang,Tian Liang, Liu Xuan, ChenZhong and Yang Ling, will star in films.

On the closing ceremony, the five groups of directing teams applied for the “My Dream” 10-day Sports Film Competition will broadcast their short films in drew sequence. Each group of film show will be made in such procedures as director firstly gives a content statement, broadcasts a five-minute documentary film to showcase their whole shooting process, and then shows eight-minute short film. Judges will comment on the short sports film and the documentary film respectively, and score the film on site. At last, golden, silver and bronze prizes will be produced.

It is proposed to invite FICTS President Prof. Franco Ascani, Zhang Yimou, Jackie Chen, Zhang Qiang, HollywoodNickPowell and Lin Peng as the judges.

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