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The Fourth Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival 2013 Officially Launched


As part of major activities of the ninth National Fitness Sports Festivalhe fourth Beijing Olympic Urban Sports Culture Festival 2013 officially launched at the Olympic Park at afternoon on 8th August,the Fifth Anniversary of Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Attendants presented at Celebration Square of Olympic Park at the first day of the festival included Yang Xiaochao, the Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Liu Xiaoming, the Deputy Director of CPPCC Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports and standing vice-chairman of Beijing Olympic Urban Initiative for Development, Yang Xiaoquan, the vice-chairman of standing Committee of NPC China Disabled Federation and president of China Disabled Welfare Fund, accompanied by Zhang Heping, the former vice-president in Beijing Committee of CPPCC, Hou Yulan, the deputy secretary general of Beijing Municipal Government and officials in Beijing Bureau of Sports and Promotion Center for Development of Beijing Olympic.

At the volleyball court in the park, the vice mayor Yang Xiaochao,together with the famous volleyball players Feng Kun and the famous CCTV host Zhang Bin,experienced Volleyball in the Public fitness item park and the opening of " Volleyball Open Tournament in China Park" . It is Known that the park volleyball is a new national fitness program which was launched by the International Volleyball Federation in 1998 and was formally introduced to China in 2013. Although containing the word "park" , volleyball, it is not limited to park,just like “street basketball”,while containing “street” ,it can be played at any public places. Compared with soft volleyball, gas volleyball,the park volleyball project,a special form of volleyball designed by famous international sports experts, is lower in cost with less limit in site, which is more suitable for bodybuilding class.

At the exhibition site for the Fifth Chinese Architectural Art Biennale, Liu jingmin,the standing vice-President of Promotion Committee for Development of Beijing Olympic, inaugurated the large Public Art Exhibition to be held and gained acquaintance with the large-space art works prepared by a maestro in particular in honor of the Fifth Anniversary of the Beijing Olympic Games.It was introduced that the Sports Culture Festival held together with the Chinese Architectural Art Biennale was a gift presented in an unique way in retrospect of the Olympics--Herzog and De Meuron Architekten,the Bird's Nest designers,were invited to join the design of Beijing after the Olympic Games, to create the new public works of art--" the moment ",which ingeniously combined the modelling of Bird's Nest and the classical Chinese embroidery.The masterpiece was completed by designers and their team, who who flight to Jing Dezhen where in the help of famous local masters they fired pairs of porcelian stools,one with a Chinese red color and the other white and blue.Each pair was provided a unique number and signatures of designers.It was told that the National Museum has showed their intrest in collecting of these procelain stools,with a limited edition of 1000.

In the spot of "happy football" hosted by the China Next Generation Working Committee and the Ministry of Education ,the famous Brazill football player, Bebeto,was playing together with the children in teaching interaction and caused happy laughter. The children experienced the glamor of football in happiness,and understood the Olympic spirit-- participation is joy. The incoming"Happy Football Stage Match" to be held at the Sports Cultural Festival is publib welfare activity with a theme of football skills, football games and healthy life , combining the characteristics of adolescents and their interest, athletics and ornamental value, while it is easy to learn, operate, spread, highlighting the running with the ball, joyful growth, making friends with football,which is very suitable for students in middle and elementary school.

At the opening ceremony, the guests together with the residents also  experienced the beauty of the Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting as well as the hundred-meter-long "long and beautiful Olympic picture"which presented the profound of meaning of Olympic Games. They also watched the National Fitness Show, the National Fitness Ten-thousand-meter Journey and the demonstration of street dance activities, visiting the Bicycle Culture Festival, the Outdoor Carnival Show,taking part in promotional activities for the tour of Beijing Bicycle-Riding landscape avenue the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.

The Festival lasts to the 18th of this month. The activities will be carried out within the central area in Olympic Park with a theme of "sports make the city healthier" , proceeding activities including the National Fitness Summer Plaza, the Ninth BeijingInternational Sports Film Week, series of activities of "I exercise, I am happy, I become heathier" for Olympic education, promotional activities for Beijing Bicycle Ride Tour, colorful running, "Olympic City Cup" amateur triathlon, seven major parts in total and up to 40 activities.

Beijing Olympic City Sports Cultural Festival, a large brand activity for sports culture exchange,was initiated in 2010 in commemoration of the Beijing Olympic Games and the successful helding of the Paralympic Games , carrying forward the Olympic spirit for Olympic wealth inheritance while promoting the national fitness, people with colorful culture life as the theme of large-scale brand sports cultural exchange activities.It has been successfully held for three sessions while every year millions of people were attracted to participate in, driving the regional sporting event, cultural shows, rapid growth of tourism and exhibition and further boom in the Olympic central area to build the well-known international ecological culture for sports business center.

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