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The atmosphere of sports culture festival is warm, volleyball and basketball champions generate


On August 12, the first session of Chinese Park Volleyball Open Tournament reached the final. Eventually, the team of Beijing Sport University won the champion of man team and women team.

Chinese Park Volleyball Open Tournament is one of the significant items of public fitness of the Fourth Session of Beijing Olympic City Sports Festival of 2013. 220 members of 34 men and women teams from the whole country participated in the match.

On August 8, the commencement data of the match, the team led by Feng Kun, the volleyball star of former national team and the team lead by Zhang Bin, the host of sports channel of CCTV reached the site for entertainment and battering.

Park volleyball owns huge participation communities and great development potential for its simple regulations, collective entertainment and fierce competition. Now the International Volleyball Federation and Chinese Volleyball Association are planning to make a further popularization and expansion in China for park volleyball.

Another key item held on the public fitness square on this Beijing Olympic City Sports Cultural Festival is three-player basketball match, which entered the final on August 12. At last, Shougang Team won Bei’ou Tem to take the crown.

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