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Opening of the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival


On August 8, namely the 5th anniversary of Beijing Olympic Games, the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival was launched. In front of Bird’s Nest in the National Stadium, Feng Kun, the famous player in women’s volleyball team, participated in the park volleyball match.

In spite extremely hot weather on that day, numerous citizens raised a soaring upsurge of fitness in central area of the Olympic Park.

Yesterday afternoon, the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival was officially launched in the Celebration Square of Olympic Park. Being one of the important activities in Sports Culture Festival of the current year, summer square for national fitness attracted numerous citizens for active participation. During activities for the first day, citizens at different ages chose their favorite fitness programs and fulfilled themselves in these programs, and what’s more important, they all enjoyed the pleasure brought by fitness.

In the Ceremony Square, a square matrix composed by nearly a thousand amateur drivers, especially, attracts people’s attention. They were fully equipped for the activity of bicycling around Beijing for generalization of riding, and the activity was organized through joint effort made by Round-Beijing Race Organizing Committee and Universal Cycle Corporation (UCC). “It took merely several days after we published the registration news that the application form was fully filled in”, a responsible officer in the Committee told the Reporter.

In spite of the fact that they were called amateur drivers, what they were equipped with were not amateur at all. Many of them, wearing helmets and tights for professional bicycle riding, with stopwatch installed on the handlebar, expressed themselves as professional drivers. In addition, many of these drivers were from outer suburbs in Beijing, and even some cam from regions outside Beijing. A sunburned young fellow told the reporter that he was from Langfang, and early in the morning, he began his riding to Beijing, with a distance of approximately 100 kilometers.

In the court for “Cage Football”, two teams are in a game of 5:5. In spite of hot weather, players in both teams made their greatest effort to strive for the ball. At the interval, Xiao Zhende, a player at the age of 55, had been drenched in sweat, and he said: “I have got to know the news from Sports Broadcasting and consulted the Sponsor, who asked us to participate by building a team. Our team, in which all members, at an age between 40 and 50, got to know each other through kicking, is named as “Qiuyoule”. Despite of the fact that we are old men, we surpassed those young men in ball playing skills and just now, we shot 6 goals once. The court for “Cage Football”, which is relatively small, and everyone can participate in, with many opportunities of touching the ball, for competition in skills and experience, I think, is particularly suitable for amateur football.

Let’s move our eyes toward the volleyball court, Feng Kun, the famous volleyball player, together with Zhang Bin, a famous host for sports program in CCTV, is kicking off for the open volleyball tournament. After the kick-off ceremony, Zhang Bin, together with his colleagues in the Television Station, had a friendly match with the Chinese Women Volleyball Team. During the match, hundreds of audience, sitting or standing around the court, cheered for both sides.

In another volleyball court, a women volleyball team in Beijing Sport University, together with a team temporarily composed by several amateur volleyball players, is exercising their volleyball skills.

Laugher, from time to time, came from the court for “Backyard Football Match”. In this court, children are enjoying unique charm of the sport in all kinds of programs for exercising football skills, as well as various football games. Every child participate in the match has to complete the “assessment” in more than 10 individual sports, such as rope skipping, goal shooting, dribbling, heading the ball, and shuttle running. Every time when they completed one, they would gain corresponding scores in the “Participation Certificate” issued by the Sponsor and get corresponding awards in accordance with their aggregate scores. Feng Zijian, a student in the third year of middle school who wears clothes of Team Guoan, told the Reporter: “I like kicking the ball very much, and this time I came here with my classmates. Since we are enjoying our summer holiday, I would like to spend every day here.”

During the “match”, players from Superstar Team in Brazil who came for large-scale activity of cultural sports exchange between China and Brazil also came to the court for cheering. Famous football players in Brazil, such as Careca, also stopped by the court and applauded for excellent performance of these children.

In the court for kicking shuttlecocks, a gray-haired and thin old man catches people’s eyes. He, with good command, kicked shuttlecocks into the air in various forms, and at the same time, he can also catch the shuttlecocks with his head. Having had a conversation with the man, the Reporter got to know that his family name is Li and he is already in his seventies. Later, he, beating his chest, told the Reporter: “I have many years of experience, nearly half a century, in kicking shuttlecocks. Over the years, I kicked shuttlecocks in Temple of Heaven Park every day, regardless of the weather. In middle age, I, with a weight of approximately 90 kilograms, was relatively fat, and after kicking shuttlecocks for several years, I lost weight by more than 15 kilograms. As the saying goes, “money can never buy thinness in your old age”, now I’m healthy and hardly ever fell ill”.

Apart from these, other regions, such as flower stick, diobolo playing, rock climbing and bicycling, also attract many fitness enthusiasts, who, later, showed their masterpieces and won a burst of applause.

The sports culture festival will last until August 18 since now. The activity, regarding Olympic Park Central Area as main venue and themed as “sports make the city healthier”, has colorful items, including 7 parts and over 40 activities, such as national fitness square activity in summer, the 9th Beijing international sports film week, “I do sports, then I'm happy and healthy” Olympic education series activities, the activity of bicycling around Beijing for generalization of riding, color run, “Olympic City Cup” amateur triathlon, and cage football.

Analog Children Olympic Games for 300 competitors

Including individual sports, such as fencing, shooting, canoeing and Taekwondo

In front of the shooting step, Dong Yichen, at the age of 6, lying on his stomach and holding the gun with his hands, aimed at the bull’s eyes and got 8 shots after pulling the trigger. Slightly laughed, Dong Yichen fired another 4 shots and gained 38 scores for 5 rounds, the highest score in the court. Having known his competition results, he turned around and gave a thumb-up to his mother, who was engaged in taking pictures, and said: “I have won the Olympic Champion!”

Yesterday is the 5th anniversary of Beijing Olympic Games. It was on that day that a special sport game, Analog Children Olympic Games, was held in northern warm-up area of the National Stadium. For the game, without a player who has received professional training, all competitors, from National Flag Guard to volunteers, are all children at an age between 4 and 8. In spite of hot weather, there are still 300 children and about 200 volunteers participating in the game. 

Xu Shaoquan, at an age of four and a half, together with other four children, stands at the head. They wear clothes of the National Flag Guard, and, with inspiring looks, walk toward the flag tower. “He is introvert at ordinary times, and participating in some large-scale activities, we think, is good for him to communicate with other children”, his parents, looking at their son’s earnestness, felt extremely happy and said so.

After the flag-raising ceremony, the most ceremonious one is Olympic Torch Relay. With applause of the public, a little boy, holding high the Auspicious Clouds" torch, run around the entire court in one breath under the burning sun, and then came an official start of the game. In front of the fencing hall, riding hall, shooting hall and archery hall, a group of little athletes is waiting for roll call before competition.

Next to the shooting hall, five women “competitors” are conducting the pregame warm-up. What they will challenge is archery, the traditional advantage event in China and Korea. The author noticed that the youngest girl is even shorter than red heart of the target and the sportswear she wore dropped to her knees. According to the competition rules, each competitor has to shoot 3 arrows. Under guidance of the coach, everyone regularly and smoothly completed the entire exercise, including stretching the feet, bending the bow, picking up an arrow, raising the bow, aiming and releasing, but no one got a precise shot. For all this, all competitors stamped their feet happily.

By 16:00 in the afternoon, 17 competition events of the Analog Children Olympic Games, including 51 champions, runner-ups and second runner-ups, were all completed. Relevant responsible officers in the National Stadium stated that name of the person who won the championship in one competition would, together with the one who won the Olympic gold medal, be indicated in the Bird’s Nest, an honor hall. Apart form competitors for experiencing Olympics, a Role Experience Center with Olympic role experience, including Olympic volunteer center, torch center, venue building, special column for Olympics, hospital and fire station, is opened up in the Bird’s Nest, for the purpose of enabling children to experience more than 60 events and approximately 100 roles.

It is introduced that Analog Children Olympic Games will be held on August 8 every year in the future, for the purpose of enabling more children to learn and feel Olympics.

Cheering from the Olympic Champion

“National fitness day”    

Look! Three Olympic champions come here! Right, they are Na Li, the Diving Champion, Aowei Xing, the gymnastics champion in Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, , and Chen Ying, the shooting champion in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Yesterday was the 5th “National Fitness Day” and the National Olympic Sports Center held the theme activity of “National Fitness Day”, during which the three champions also came and cheered for “national fitness”, and advised more people to participate in fitness.

[Aowei Xing]

There is much time for fitness

The gymnastics champion Aowei Xing wears red sports pants and blue T-shirt. Although he is already thirty years old, he looks very bright and is full of youthful vigor. As soon as he sat down, a few ladies in black performance costume came towards him and wanted to take picture with him. One of them said: “I have watched Xing’s competition and it was really great, and I would like, take this opportunity, to take a picture with him.”

After retirement, Aowei Xing worked as a gymnastics coach and still enjoyed the pleasure brought by sports. “Although I was not an athlete anymore, I never gave up physical fitness”, Aowei Xing said and in recent years, he fell in love with golf and diving. “I enjoy myself very much in these sports”, he added.

For most people, “there is no time” seems to be the reason why they don’t participate in fitness, but it is not for Aowei Xing. “There may be some people who are tied up by their work, but for most people, there is much time if they want to spare some”, he said. In his opinion, interval for work, learning and meeting, as well as time for waiting a person a car, can all be used for fitness. “Who can spend a whole day on fitness? It is unrealistic and unnecessary, right? Fitness, in fact, will not take that much time”, he added.

[Na Li]

Let fitness be a necessity of life

Na Li served as the color commentator for World Swimming Championships of this year in live CCTV and came back from Barcelona lately. In 2010, she was invited to Britain for exchange of sports culture and this experience enabled her to know more about implementation of public fitness in foreign countries. “Most people have strong awareness of keep-fit exercises and spend about one hour in running every day or on exercise machine. It is obvious that they have taken fitness as a necessity of life”, Li said.

“The good news is that our awareness of fitness is being strengthened. Generation of and significance attached to national fitness by the country will be of great benefit to most people, and only strengthened awareness of fitness can make it a necessity of life.” Nowadays, even diving, an extreme sport, is more and more popular with the public, and becomes a part of national fitness. This makes Na Li very happy. 

[Chen Ying]

Physical exercise endows people with happy mood

When others are engaged in taking pictures with fitness “fans”, Chen Ying, sitting up behind a table, buries herself in writing, which fully embodies the professional quality of a shooting athlete who will never be interfered by the outside world.

She turned out to come here with a special identity, the image ambassador for fitness competition in Baijia Community. Later she will give a speech on the stage, so she, taking advantage of the interval before competition, prepared for it.

It is the third year that Chen Ying has come to the scene of “National Fitness Day” and she has witnessed ever-accelerated development of national fitness. She said that every year there are many elderly people insisting in keep-fit exercises to keep their mind young. “Physical exercise endows us with happy mood. Just like these performers participating in the competition, even though they have retired, they look very young”, Chen Ying said, and she hopes that more people will do so. ( )

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