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Appearance of “Cage Football” in sports cultural festival held in Beijing Olympic City


From sports special telegram of Xinhuanet in August 8   the Fourth Beijing Olympic City Spots Cultural Festival is opened in the fourth day at Beijing Olympic Park with the theme of “Sports make city healthier” and “Cage Football” promotion demonstration match became a highlights of this activity.

In the promotion activity site of “Unbounded Greenery” nationwide street cage football super tour (hereinafter referred to as “Super Street”), four amateur football teams from Beijing competed with each other, which attracts a large number of audiences for watch.

“Super Street” was jointly held by Chinese Football Association and China Sports Publications Corporation. From the introduction of sponsor, the first national competition of “Super Street” will be unveiled in the middle of August at Qingdao, and then other competitions will be successively held by national large and medium-sized cities, and the winners in each competition can participate in national finals.

“Cage Football” is sourced form Europe and America as per introduction, of which the greatest advantage is to adopt moveable football site facility, which can be put in the square of city, park or street and other outdoor positions without causing any damage to the ground and easy for destuffing and movement.

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