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Opening ceremony of 2012 Beijing Olympic City Sports Cultural Festival-and Opening ceremony of Barcelona-Beijing Youth Training Camp
Celebration square of the Olympic Park (East of the Water Cube)
The activity is divided into two parts: Part1, Opening Ceremony of 3rd Beijing Olympic City Sports Cultural Festival and Opening Ceremony of Barcelona-Beijing Youth Training Camp; Part2, invite leaders to inspect the activities of national fitness square on the 3rd Beijing Olympic City Sports Cultural Festival.  
Olympic carnival
East of the Water Cube
Olympic Cultural Square:
-Enjoy Olympic Games through LED screen 16:00-21:30
- Olympic Theme Day Activity
Opening ceremony (July 26th) and closing ceremony (August 12th) of Sports Cultural Festival and public cultural performance
-Olympic leisure park 16:00-21:00
Selected events recommendation:
-Barcelona Youth Training Camp experience show: publicize and introduce the basic information of Barcelona Youth Training Camp and carry out small-sized interaction games such as fixed point shot at the exhibition booth.
-China tennis show: Publicize and introduce tennis brands such as “China Open Tennis” and “Beijing International Tennis Challenge”.
 “Record” Beijing Olympics experience activity:
-Design 100m dash and compare the audience’s record with Bolt’s record.
-Compare stature with Yao Ming and take photo with Beijing Olympic Games stars.
-Leave memory about Beijing Olympic Games on the graffiti wall.
-Tang Hui’s China Face photo show.
Sliding plate and roller-skating performance: arrange regular roller-skating and sliding plate performance.
3D Olympic interaction: Establish 3D experience game watching room and rebroadcast London Olympic Games 3D signal and let visitors experience advanced video rebroadcast technology.
China Face photography show: time: August 8th-August 12th 16:00-21:30
New energy automobile exhibition interaction: Intensively display 20 new energy vehicle types, including transparent car.
Safety training camp for children: The Moki town with a theme of “traffic and future” simulates the actual road condition and designs driving school, avenue and future traffic areas. In the simulated driving school, children can learn road safety knowledge through darkroom game, traffic rules folded book and driving simulation.
Mini Olympic Games: Establish miniature landscape such as football, basketball, billiards and badminton which allows citizen to participate in the mini Olympic fitness game.
Sport carnival
North square of the Olympic Center
Competitive sports area- three-man Basketball bullfight game on 2012 Beijing Olympic City Sports Cultural Festival: Invite 14 to 20 amateur youth basketball teams to participate. During the interval of games, invite cheering team, fancy football, fancy basketball and slam dun performance to activate race course atmosphere.
Rebroadcast performance area:
-Rebroadcast of London Olympic Games through big screen
-Broadcast exhibition of Beijing Olympic Games documentary
Olympic living sports interaction area: Fun Olympic Games events, including Chair revolving competition, chopping board skating and swim fins competition. There are 60 minutes site activities every day, which will be broadcasted on living channel the following day.
Multi-function area and Operating area: Multi-function site for site operating team working and the development of all activity items.
Square 3D stereograph
Olympic Square
The vivid 3D stereograph will bring strong visual impact for visitors and the fresh fluctuating effect fully meets the requirement of curious audience and makes them unwilling to leave.
Special effect floodlight
Olympic square
Using the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube as the background, emphasize the “Olympic” atmosphere of the square and cultivate cultural festival atmosphere.
Sports culture exhibition area
North square of the Olympic Center
Olympic masterpiece exhibition: Exhibition of Beijing Olympic Games official poster, medal presentation dress, previous Olympic Games stamps and medals.
Artistic basketball exhibition: Artistic basketball exhibition designed and painted by hundreds of celebrities, famous painters and artists, art academy teachers and students as well as basketball fans.
Beijing Olympic cultural activities press exhibition: Reappear issues relating to Beijing Olympic cultural activities by means of hundreds of newspapers reporting the preparation, operation and release of all cultural activities of Beijing Olympic Games.
“Looking for Olympic people” and tell their stories: Making use of microblog, look for working staff and volunteers of Beijing Olympic Games, collect their photos, stories and Olympic wishes, establish photo wall at sports carnival area and invite the working staff and volunteers to participate in the signatures, visits and parties during the cultural festival.
Exhibition area of Council members of BODA
North square of the Olympic Center
Provide 1680 ? exhibition area for the Council members of BODA.
The 4th Beijing Olympic City Development Forum in 2012
London museum
Focusing on “carrying forward the Olympic spirit, Olympic achievements, promoting the urban development of the city and building a harmonious Beijing”, the forum organizes discussion on issues such as “inheritance and application of Olympic wealth”, “humanistic Olympics”, “utilization of Olympic venues after the Games” and “Olympic education”. Representatives of IOC, World Union of Olympic Cities, Director of General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing Municipal Government, experts and scholars, UK Chamber of Commerce, Beijing London cultural and creative industry and media will attend the forum.
8th Beijing International Sports Film Week
Central area of the Olympic Park
In addition to traditional collection and selection of excellent sports film products, products exhibition, forum, display and demonstration and opening and closing ceremonies, the 8th Beijing International Sports Film Week also introduced the global finals activity of the 30th Milan International Sports Film TV Festival which has a long history and integrate it into the 7th Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Expo in 2012.
 “Sport, happiness and health” teenager Olympic education activities
On the basis of successful holding of two years Beijing elementary and secondary school Olympic education activities in 2010 and 2011, the Olympic Games Committee integrates the educational and sports system teenage events resources of the whole city and expands the activities with the theme of “carrying forward Olympic spirits and practicing Beijing spirits” in 2012, taking advantage of London Olympic Games. It plans to carry out ten major activities and twelve events in the whole year, which dramatically enriches the content of Olympic education series activities.
Barcelona Youth Training Camp
Hockey field in the North District of the Olympic Park
The Futbol Club Barcelona will provide coaches and Barcelona football teaching courseware and provide training for Chinese football players in pure La Masia youth training model. The activity is divided into two terms, which in total plans to enroll 360 trainees, namely 180 for each term.
Manchester vs Arsenal “Premier League Challenge from Beiijng to London”
National stadium (Bird’s Nest)
My Olympic-Children Experience Center in Bird’s Nest
Bird’s Nest attached stadium (External field) + part of indoor area
My Olympic-Children Experience Project in Bird’s Nest is established to create the 1st teenage Olympic experience center in the world which simulates Olympic situation and targets on 3 to 12 years old children. It strives to create a healthy, beaming and joyful Olympic sports competition and occupational experience platform for them.
Olympic and England syle street in the Water Cube
National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
Grasping the advantageous opportunity of 2012 London Olympic Games, the Water Cube creates a England style street at the main channel of the Center. The sceneries at both sides of the street are typical landscapes of London, such as the Big Ben, the London Eye, Hyde Park and Regent Street, which presents the unique charming of the host city of this year’s Olympic Games from various perspectives and brings visitors immersive Olympic experience and let them enjoy the scenery and humanistic view and share the incoming and exciting moments of London Olympic Games.
Finals and prize presentation of “Water Cube” Overseas Chinese teenager Chinese Song Competition
National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
As a cultural exchange activity focusing on Overseas Chinese teenagers, the competition adds Olympic song elements under the background of Olympic Games and utilizes Chinese songs competition to attract more overseas Chinese teenagers to learn Chinese and promote overseas Chinese language and culture education. This is an internal activity.
Fantasy Water Cube 2012 large-scale waterscape show A Dream in Red Mansions
National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
The first Olympic venue entertainment brand in the world- “Fantasy Water Cube” will push forward the 4th session performance in Water Cube this year. Beijing Artists Management Co., Ltd. joins hands with well-known director Li Shaohong and her team and provide a magic large-scale waterscape show, A Dream in Red Mansions, for visitors at home and abroad. This red mansion fantasy dream which passes through hundred years will bring a unprecedented visual feast in the summer of 2012 in Beijing.
Beijing International Tennis Challenge
National Tennis Center
Beijing International Tennis Challenge-Olympic Games watching square
Activity time: July 29th- August 5th
15:00- end of game of the day
Activity content : Watch Olympic Games, provide beer, beverages and make Xiang E Qing audience catering.
Beijing International Tennis Challenge-Music festival
Activity time: July 28th, 2012 14:00-22:30. Eight and a half hours in total
Main bands: techno, House, electro, dub, Drum’n Bass and so on, 20 DJ in total.
Beijing International Tennis Challenge-Summer youth camp
Activity time: July 30th-August 7th 16:00-18:00 everyday
Activity content: Hold tennis summer camp at the race course during the Beijing International Challenge. Enroll 7 to 14 years old teenagers to participate in the activity and let them understand tennis by technical learning and tennis events participation and experience the fun of tennis. The item designs tennis experience course, parents-child campaign and players interaction targets on children.
2012 International Tennis Challenge-tie-break game
Competition time: July 30th- August 5th 18:00 every night
2012 Beijing International Tennis Challenge- SMART activity
Activity time: July 23rd-July 27th
Olympic story-telling session- Tell the unforgettable stories between you and the Olympic Games; Olympic artist conference-continue to write the beautiful poem from Beijing to London; Olympic enterprises forum, and Olympic collection auction
Olympic Village Garden Hotel
Details for activities see the official website of China Olympic Group
Honor and inheritance-“Construction Engineering Cup” 2012 Beijing Olympic City International Photography Exhibition
Olympic Exhibition International Art Gallery in the Central District of Olympic Park
To further carry forward Olympic spirit, consolidate and expand Olympic achievements and promote the influence of Beijing as the Olympic city, Beijing Olympic City Development Fund holds this photography exhibition. The exhibition focuses on themes relating to the Olympic spirits and creates a cultural brand with Olympic characteristics by means of diversified forms such as image collection, photography competition, art exhibition and published picture album.
The activity has received nearly 6000 works from all over the world since the beginning and displays them for citizens for free.
2012 “Beijing Rhythm” fashion sports cultural square activity
China Millennium Monument
Activity introduction: As the inheriting item of “Olympic Rhythm” square cultural activity, this activity has become a city cultural card which integrates three elements, namely Olympic culture, fashion culture and city culture.

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