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Color Run

activity time: August 10th, 2013(Saturday), 15:00pm-15:30pm
activity location: starting point of “the color run” activity, that is, Garden Expo Marco Polo Bridge car camp

The Color Run, also named the happiest 5Km on the earth, is a running activity respecting health and happiness, presenting ego and repaying the community.

Different from other activities in pursuit of speed, the runner in The Color Run will get an unprecedented running experience. The Color Run doesn’t count the time in the running of 5 kilometers. Runners in the activity will pass a color station in every kilometer and are sprayed by different colors from head to foot. The happiness won’t stop after they rush across the finish line. The grander color party will be hold in the stage area at the end. By that time, every one will throw the colorful powder in their hands to the air. Every one will be colorful like color palettes. The happy and magical moment will live deeply in everyone's mind. Believe us. This will be the best party you’ve never seen after a running of 5 Kilometers.
Only two rules in The Color Run:
1. Please wear white clothes.
2. Please rush across the finish line with most gorgeous color!
In 2012, America has hold 50 activities of The Color Run and attracted more than 600,000 people. This year, more than 100 games of the U.S’ largest series activities will be hold in just America. More than 1 million people are predicted to take part in the games. Click here and become a member of The Run Color.
Be healthy, happy and be yourself!
When passing on joy and positive energy, the 5 kilometers running of The Color Run also popularizes a healthy life style. More than 60% of color runners take part in the running by the first time. As The Color Run activities are hold in more and more cities, more and more people will begin to be influenced by this kind of healthy life style.
Specious introduction about The Color Run was given in Nickelodeon and Worldwide Day of Play, the famous youth Television Station in U.S. in October last year, in order to encourage the youth to take more outdoor activities. The program showed outdoor activity happiness the nation’s youth experienced in The Color Run. First Lady of America Michelle Obama also took part in the activity. One elementary school students who joined the activity said, the reason I joined the activity is that it is really fun and healthy and the most excited feel I get in the color run.
“The reason we claimed The Color Run is the happiest activity of 5 Kilometers running on the earth is that it gives us a chance to take part in with our friends and families and to experience unique, healthy and happy atmosphere together”, said the activity’s father Travis Snyder, “after witnessing thousands of runners happily rushing across the finish line of The Color Run, ‘the happiest 5 kilometers running on the earth’ has rooted deeply in people’s mind”. Hope to add more happiness to your life? Then click here for applying right now!
Color runners come from different social groups. Everyone has their own reason to take part in the running. The activity doesn’t count the time and has no champion traditionally. The whole activity welcomes all the people——no matter he or she is 2 or 80 years old, a greenhand or a professional athlete. The data shows that more than 60% of runners join the 5 kilometers running the first time. And their driving force is to pursuit more positive and healthier life style. And some of other runners hope to encourage their friends who are fighting hard against illness or to commemorate their parting friends and relatives by a most positive way. More people run for love. In the site of The Color Run, we have luckily witnessed more than 10 marriage proposals and one wedding. What do you run for? Click here and share with us!

So, no matter you are a window-shopping liker or an Olympian, the 5 kilometers running of The Color Run will be the most colorful and unforgettable experience in your life.

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