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Football in Migrant Children Schools of “Olympic City Cup” 2011 Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game held


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On the afternoon of April 29, an interesting open football coaching lesson was given at Wanquanhe Middle School in Haidian District. Over 300 middle school students imitated the Drum Dance show at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics and took the “brain exercises”. Besides, an interesting shooting contest was held which was highlighted by the environment-friendly paper footballs, and goals made with pumpkins and corn stalks. Olympic champion, famous race walker Wang Liping, football star Nan Fang et al. practiced crossover with students with the paper ball.

This is the Football in Migrant Children Schools of “Sports, Happiness and Health” “Olympic City Cup” 2011 Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game. According to the sponsor, the campus football activity series were cosponsored by Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA), Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, and jointly undertaken by Beijing TV Station, Beijing Football Administration Center and Beijing Student Activity Administration Center. By means of organizing campus football contests and spreading football culture, the activity aims at encouraging students to walk onto the sports ground and get closer to nature, building a stronger body and having fun during the course of doing sports.

The paper football has a cover made of six colored cardboards and is filled with waste newspaper and plastic bags, which well expresses the wish of those migrant children – building a low-carbon green Beijing. At the lesson, leaders of the sponsors, distinguished guests as well as sports celebrities wrote down their sincere wishes to the children on those colorful footballs.

During the activity, migrant children representatives from 16 districts and counties accepted the sports equipment such as footballs and stopwatches donated by the sponsors. Migrant children representative Han Tangshan from Class one, Junior Two of Wanquanhe Middle School talked about her experience of studying in Beijing. Her parents work hard in Beijing to support the family. In this city, she and her elder sister received the same good education as local children. This time, she made paper footballs and practiced interesting shooting game with her classmates, experiencing football culture with fun. According to co-organizer Beijing Volunteer Federation (BVF), later, volunteers from around the world will walk into the firstly selected 151 migrant children schools to share with students about how to build a greener Beijing, painting a bright color on the picture of BVF Blue Sky Program.

Jiang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of CPPCC Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports and Vice President of BODA, Zhang Fengchao, President of Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation, principals of the sponsors and some sports celebrities attended the open lesson.

It’s learned that Wanquanhe Middle School was initially built in 1985 with the educational concept of “Sunshine education”, namely, living in sunshine and growing with confidence. Teachers are advocated to teach according to children's natural instinct and differences, provide an active learning environment, tolerate the failures of students, and guide students to believe in, encourage and surpass themselves. With years of efforts, Wanquanhe Middle School has grown into a veritable “sunshine school” which acts as a “sunshine cradle” in which children grow up healthily and happily.

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