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Delegation of Anatel visits BODA

On the morning of June 1, an eight-member delegation led by JefersonFuedNacif, Director of Anatel International Cooperation Office, visited Beijing Olympic City Development Association (hereinafter referred to as “BODA”), learning experience in radio frequency management for large sports events and in telecom regulation. Wu Jingmi Secretary General of BODA, Han Wen, Vice Secretary General of BODA as well as the three experts from the related fields of the original Organizing Committee of Beijing Olympic Games held in-depth talks with the visitors.

The talks were presided over by Han Wen. Secretary General Wu Jingmi firstly expressed welcome to JefersonFuedNacif and briefly introduced the organization, tenet, idea, achievements and future planning of BODA. Then, the experts from the related fields of the original Organizing Committee of Beijing Olympic Games respectively introduced their experience to the visitors. In the two-hour talks, the delegation members heard the experience in telecom regulation carefully, recorded the issues they cared and also raised questions at times.

The delegation of Anatel indicated that, Beijing Olympics achieved a great success, its preparation and organization work was recognized and concerned by the world, and its experience would be of great significance for Brazil to hold 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. They hoped that both sides could keep contacts, so that Anatel could continuously consult BODA about the specific issues.

Wu Jingmi indicated that We BODA would try its best to support Brazil, and would organize relevant experts to Brazil for exchange and guidance. In addition, he wished a great success of 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.


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