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Rogge visits BODA

On the morning of September 21, Rogge, President of International Olympic Committee (IOC), visited Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA).

Accompanied by Executive Vice President Liu Jingmin, Deputy President Wang Wei and Deputy President Jiang Xiaoyu, Rogge visited the office building of BODA excitedly. After the visit, the two sides communicated with each other.

Finally, a group photo was taken for Rogge and all staff from BODA. 

During the visit, Mr. Rogge was also collectively interviewed by seven media including China Center Television (CCTV), China Radio International (CRI), Beijing People's Broadcasting Corporation (BPBC), Beijing TV Station (BTV), etc.


Rogge is visiting BODA

Visiting Beijing Olympic collections

Rogge is reading the brochure of Beijing Olympic Games

Rogge signs his name in the brochure of Beijing Olympic Games

Receiving gifts from IOC

Rogge is interviewed by media

A group photo of leaders

A group photo of Rogge and all staff from BODA

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