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The 4th Beijing Olympic City Development Forum is held in London

Beijing Olympic City Development Forum, sponsored by Beijing Municipal Government, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Beijing Olympic City Development Association, was held in the museum of London Weston Theatre on July 28 local time. Guests attended the forum include domestic leaders such as member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the Beijing Olympic City Development Association Liu Qi, Director of General Administration of Sport of China and President of Chinese Olympic Committee Liu Peng, Vice-mayor of Beijing and senior Vice-chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Association Liu Jinmin, and international organizations leaders such as Vice-president of International Olympic Committee Yu Zaiqing, Chairman of Marketing Commission of the IOC Gerhard HEIBERG, member of IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch, member of IOC Timothy Tsun-Ting FOK, Chairman of the World Union of Olympic Cities Bryla, Chairman of World Sport Federation Hain Verbruggen and Chairman of Olympic Delivery Authority of London Sir John Armitt. The forum was presided by Vice-chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Association Jiang Xiaoyu.

Chairman Liu Qi indicated in his speech that no “post-Olympic phenomenon” was brought to Beijing over the past four years. Even if under the negative influence of global financial crisis, the economy of Beijing still keeps growing in a steady and healthy way. The economic aggregate of the city increased stably and the local GDP lifted from 1.1 trillion of 2008 to 1.6 trillion of 2011. The public budget revenue of Beijing increased from 183.73 billion Yuan of 2008 to 300.63 billion Yuan of 2011. With a better reformed economic structure, the proportion of service industry increases from 75.4% of 2008 to 76.1% of 2011. The four years also saw the further improvement of ecological environment and continuously increasing resident income. Beijing Olympic Games has become a powerful driver for the sustainable development of Beijing and the Olympic wealth plays an important role in promoting the overall development of the city.

Liu Qi pointed out that the Olympic wealth of Beijing promotes the city development strategy and establishes a higher goal for city development. After the Olympic Games, the three Olympics slogan, namely “Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and Humanity Olympics” has turned to be the urban development strategy, namely “Humanistic Beijing, Hi-tech Beijing and Green Beijing”. Placing the requirements of people foremost, scientific and technical innovation and ecological civilization at a more important position for urban development, Beijing has put forward the development goal of building a world city with Chinese characteristics and has proposed to build Beijing to be the “capital gathering international activities, worldwide high-end enterprises headquarters and worldwide high-end talents, and the capital with advanced socialist culture with Chinese characteristics and harmonious living environment.” Beijing has come to a new development start since then.

Liu Qi emphasized that the Olympic wealth of Beijing gathered the spiritual pursuit of city and brought strong power for its development. The Olympic spirits of Beijing with “patriotism, contribution, dedication, innovation and teamwork” as the core formed on the basis of Beijing Olympic Games has laid solid foundation for the formation of Beijing spirits. In 2011, on the basis of long historical and cultural accumulation and the combination of the great practical activities of Beijing people, Beijing put forward the Beijing spirits of “patriotism, innovation, inclusion and social morals”, which became the strong power that gathered common ideal and led Beijing people in creating a new chapter for city development continuously.

Mr. Liu further reiterated that the Olympic wealth of Beijing enriched the material basis of city and opened up wide space for city development. The application of Beijing Olympic venues after 2008 Games was satisfactory. The Olympic core functional area with the Olympic Park as the center promoted the development of sports, tourism, cultural creative and convention and exhibition industries and formed an important industrial functional area of Beijing, which also became the significant pillar for city development. Rapid urban railway system development owing to the 2008 Olympic Games gained dramatic improvement. The total operation distance of rail transit during the Beijing Olympics was 200km and it reached 372km at the end of 2011 and will surge to 660km in 2015. Effective measures which had been taken for environmental management, air pollution control, energy conservation and environmental protection technologies application, traffic congestion and voluntary service during the Beijing Olympics have been integrated into the routine administration of Beijing and consequently promote the scientific and harmonious development of Beijing.

Finally, Mr. Liu said, the Olympic wealth was jointly owned by all people. Beijing would like to carry forward the Olympic spirits with the international community and promote the civilization and progress of mankind; we would integrate the Olympic wealth into the development of Beijing and take firm steps to promote the construction of the world city with Chinese characteristics.

Juan Antonio Samaranch, attended the forum on behalf of Chairman Rogge, Liu Peng and Sir John Armitt delivered speeches on the forum and illustrated issues relating to development of Olympic Games, promotion of Olympic spirits, inheritance of Olympic wealth and serving for city development.

Centering on the forum them, Liu Jinmin delivered a speech with the title of “Inheriting Olympic wealth and serving for the development of Beijing”.

Chairman of World Sport Federation Hain Verbruggen, Senior Vice-chairman of Qingdao Aofan City Development Association Zang Aimin, Chairman of Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. Li Aiqing, Chairman of the World Union of Olympic Cities Bryla, Senior Vice-president of Renmin University of China Feng Huiling and Chairman of Beijing North Start Group Sha Wanquan has addressed lectures centering on the function of Olympic wealth for city development from different perspectives.

About 200 representatives from IOC, World Union of Olympic Cities, World Sport Federation, Olympic Delivery Authority, Atlanta Decarbo Training Center, and relevant organizations of Beijing as well as Olympic research experts and scholars and journalists from domestic and foreign media attended the forum.

As a major work of inheriting Olympic wealth and promoting city development, Beijing Olympic City Development Forum has been held three times successfully since 2010. This year forum, which was held in London, was to make the best of Olympic opportunity, indicated and publicized achievements which have been made in inheriting and utilizing Olympic wealth in many ways, strengthen communication and contact with international sports organizations and Olympic cities, widely expand international cooperation areas and promote the construction of world city with Chinese characteristics.

During the same period, an Olympic city development exhibition with the theme of “Beijing-an ancient cultural capital and charming city” was held in London Museum. The exhibition was divided into four sections, namely “incomparable Olympic memory”, “charming ancient cultural capital”, “vibrant modern city” and “passionate Olympic city”. By means of 80 carefully selected pictures, the exhibition introduced the city style of Beijing which combines tradition and modern, its profound city culture and deposits, remarkable achievements made by Beijing in building “Humanistic Beijing, Hi-tech Beijing and Green Beijing” after 2008 Olympic Games and the important role of Olympic wealth in city construction from various perspectives, illustrated the brand-new concept of building world city with Chinese characteristics and international sports central city, publicized “Beijing spirits” and established favorable international image of Beijing. (Source: Sohu sports)

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