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Liu Jingmin:Build on the Olympic Legacy to Serve the Urban Development of Beijing

Build on the Olympic Legacy to Serve the Urban Development of Beijing
Liu Jingmin

Vice Mayor of Beijing, Executive Vice Chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Association
Distinguished Guests,

Ladies, gentlemen and friends:
First of all, on behalf of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and the Beijing Olympic City Development Association, I am honored to express my sincere congratulations on the grand opening of the 4th Beijing Olympic City Development Forum. I would like to warmly welcome all guests and friends.
Today, during the London 2012 Olympic Games,we assemble in London to explore the influence of Olympic legacy on city development through the Beijing Olympic City Development Forum. We are grateful to the Olympic Movement and to London.
After the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing made the following explorations in continuing the Olympic legacy and serving the urban development.
First, continuing the Olympic legacy, shaping the strategy for urban development and concentrating the city spirit. After the Games, we built on the Olympic legacy of the three ideas for the Beijing Olympic Games. Beijing uses “People’s Beijing, High-tech Beijing and Green Beijing” as its development strategy and puts forward the objective of constructing a world city with Chinese characteristics. The upgrading of the city’s development strategy has become a new milestone in the development of the capital. The Olympic spirit formed in the course of the preparations of the Games was also the spirit that led the execution of the Beijing Olympic Games, which has already been integrated into the Beijing spirit of “patriotism, innovation, inclusion and social morals”. It will be carried on further today and integrated into the great practice of urban development.
Second, strengthening the innovation of organisation and mechanisms and probe new ways for the Olympic legacy to serve urban development. After the Games, with the support of the IOC, Beijing established a non-profit organization — the Beijing Olympic City Development Association. For several years since its establishment, with the aim to continue the Olympic legacy and promote urban development, it has carried out many cultural, sports and education activities. It established the Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation to support public benefit activities it organizes. Beijing Olympic City Development Association and Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation serve the all-around economic and social development of Beijing.
Third, making full use of the Olympic legacy, encourage the city’s activity and drive its all-around development. After the Games, Beijing successfully hosted important international conferences, such as the summit meeting of the World Union of Olympic Cities, the 14th World Conference on Sport for All and the 2011 IPC General Assembly. Thus the city further expands its ties with international organizations and further strengthens its international communication ability. Olympic venues and facilities, such as the Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and China National Convention Center, drive the development of Beijing sports, tourism, cultural creation and exhibition industries by means of sports events, cultural performances, sightseeing and expositions, thereby strengthening the economic activity of the city. Many measures implemented during the Olympic Games have been integrated into the regular management of the city, thereby continuing to enhance its operation and management level.
Fourth, conducting cultural and sport activities to improve the city’s reputation. After the Games, the Olympic venues play an important role in building Beijing into a centre for international sport, where the 1st World Combat Games, China Tennis Open, Italian Super Cup, etc. were held. In 2015, the World Championships in Athletics will be held in Bird’s Nest. Beijing also integrates sport, education and cultural resources. E.g. the Beijing Olympic city sports festival, where rich and colorful sports and education activities are held, such as the “sports make me happy and healthy" Olympic education activity, is held in the Beijing Olympic central area, thereby advocating national fitness and enriching the city’s sport and cultural life.
Fifth, effectively integrating the Olympic legacy, advancing the creation of a healthy Beijing and bringing benefits to residents. After the Games, the Chinese government designated August 8th every year as “National Fitness Day”. The Beijing Municipal Government supports the establishment of policies and systems, improves the sports public service system and promotes the construction of a healthy Beijing. Footpaths were built in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park, which has become an example base for national fitness across the country. “National fitness program develops with the Olympics” has become a long-term policy. Beijing will continue to conduct sports activities for all, including workers broadcast exercises, fitness exercises, China shuttlecock open, Beijing International Mountain Walking Festival, etc. 16 districts and counties across the city actively run national fitness events with their own distinct characteristics. Residents’ fitness awareness is increased and exercise and fitness become their attitudes to life. The average life expectancy of Beijing residents has reached 81.12 years, and people’s health levels have improved.
Guests and friends, as Chairman Liu Qi said in his address, the 11th Congress of the CPC Beijing Committee has determined “Building Beijing into a world city with Chinese characteristics” as a long-term strategic task of Beijing. At present, the whole city is thoroughly implementing a scientific outlook on development according to the unified deployment of the congress of Party representatives, accelerating the scientific development of Beijing, and striving to construct a world city with Chinese characteristics to ensure that the people lead a happier and better life.
We are very pleased to share the fruits of our labor with you in terms of utilizing the Olympic legacy. We also realize, while transferring the Olympic legacy into resources and a driving force for sustainable urban development that we still have much to do. We would like to strengthen our exchanges with countries and regions, international organizations and Olympic cities, and study and learn from the mature experience in utilization of the Olympic legacy, so as to serve the construction of a world city with Chinese characteristics. By sufficiently building on the Olympic legacy, we will seek for feasible means cooperation and channels to promote mutual benefit and win-win outcomes for the popularization and development of the Olympic Games, and for sustainable urban development.
Finally, I would like to wish every success to this forum and to the London Olympic Games.
Thank you.

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