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Beijing 2008 Olympic Youth Camp Handbook


I. Welcome Letter from the Director of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Youth Camp

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you and your NOC for the great support to the Olympic Movement. The city of Beijing, steeped in tradition and embracing modernity, will soon have the privilege of welcoming you all to attend the Beijing 2008 Olympic Youth Camp. We deeply appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you here this summer. Welcome to Beijing!

Alongside the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, this year's Youth Camp will mark the setting of new records, adding fresh strands to the Olympic tapestry. We will for the first time be joined by young people with disabilities from the host country. At this Camp, about 500 campers from all over the world will forge common bonds with new people, exchange moving stories and witness "One World, One Dream" together.

The Olympic Youth Camp grants young people the chance to come together under the Olympic flag to share their cultures, and it is a signal honour for me and my colleagues to be a part of this programme. I am certain that you, as Olympic Youth Campers, are similarly moved by great hopes and filled with great dreams. "Youth Create the Future" – as the future is placed in your hands, so is this camp. You are the ones tasked with deploying a youthful and vibrant spirit, which is an integral part of the Olympic Games. I believe your participation and experience in this camp shall be marked with respect for each other and forged in a sense of unity and cooperation. I know that amidst all this excitement, new friendships will be forged and new life experiences will be built.

As your friends and trusty organising team, we have prepared a rich and exciting programme of camp activities sure to leave you with lasting memories. The activities will include attending the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games; watching Olympic competitions; visiting the Great Wall, Forbidden City or experiencing other cultural activities. We are currently working towards fostering a safe and comfortable environment with the very best services, so as to ensure a rich and unique experience for everyone. Your participation and satisfaction will be our best reward.

This carefully compiled handbook contains must-read information regarding the Youth Camp, which will guide you through your stay in Beijing. Please take the time to read it through carefully and come to the Camp with energy and confidence.

See you all in Beijing this summer!

Wang Yue

Director of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Youth Camp

II. History and Purpose of the Olympic Youth Camp

The Olympic Youth Camp (OYC), with its proud history, is an educational and cultural exchange programme under the Olympic flag for young people aged 16 to 18. The OYC began at the Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games, when King Gustav V of Sweden invited 1,500 Boy Scouts to pitch their tents near the Olympic Stadium and celebrate the Games. The two World Wars interrupted the OYC, but since the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games, when the OYC resumed, almost every Olympic Games has hosted the OYC. According to the Olympic Charter (2004), Chapter 5, Rule 50, "With the authorization of the IOC Executive Board, the OCOG may, under its own responsibility, organize an international youth camp on the occasion of the Olympic Games."

The OYC is an integral and special part of the Olympic Games with the goal to promote the Olympic spirit and provide a unique Olympic experience for young people. The OYC showcases the culture, history, and customs of the host city and country; and fosters cultural exchange and friendship among young people around the world. The OYC is of key importance to passing the Olympic spirit to future generations.

III. Slogan, Goal, and Emblem of the Beijing 2008 OYC

Beijing 2008 Olympic Youth Camp Handbook
Emblem of the Beijing 2008 OYC

The Beijing 2008 OYC will be held from August 6 to 17, 2008. Its slogan is "Youth Create the Future". In the spirit of harmony, compassion, creativity and learning through experience, the Camp has already invited participants nominated by more than 200 National Olympic Committees (NOC). For the first time in OYC history, young people with disabilities from the host country will also be joining the Camp.

This Camp will provide a chance for young people from all over the world to learn about the Olympic spirit; strengthen international understanding and friendship; and experience the Olympic Games and Chinese culture. The goal is to promote the Olympic spirit among young people, and the ideals of world peace, cooperation and development, and shared prosperity. We will make every effort to host a successful, high-level OYC with distinguishing features.

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