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Road Cycling Course

Road Cycling Course
Effect picture of the Road Cycling Course (Credit:

The Road Cycling race starts at the North Square of YONGDINGMEN in Beijing's Chongwen District and finishes at Juyong Pass in Changping District. The route passes through Chongwen, Xuanwu, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Changping and Yanqing Districts.

Olympic events: Road Cycling

Olympic dates: August 9-13

Route distance: 102.6 km



Route: YONGDINGMEN-TIANQIAO Junction-North Gate of Temple of Heaven-TAIJICHANG Junction-QIANMEN-Great Hall of the People-Tian'anmen – NANHEYAN-DI'ANMEN East Street-DONGSI SHITIAO Junction- YONGHEGONG Lama Temple-South Gate of Temple of Earth-East Gate of Temple of Earth- HEPING West Bridge- HUIXIN West Street- East Entry of Olympic Sports Center- ANHUI Bridge onto main road of North 4th Ring Road- Beijing Olympic Tower- ZHANCHUN'ER Bridge back onto main road- HAIDIAN Bridge- Haidian Gymnasium- RURONGLI- WANQUANHE Road- XIAOJIAHE Bridge onto North 5th Ring Road- SHANGQING Bridge onto main road of BADALING Expressway- XIAOYING exit onto side road- XISANQI- HUILONGGUAN- SHAHE- Changping XIGUAN Roundabout- CHENZHUANG Bridge- NANKOU Roundabout- Juyong Pass onto inter-province highway 216 and BADALING Expressway, then back and forth between BADALING and Juyong Pass, for a 23.8 km loop. The entire route is 102.6 km.

Finish: Juyong Pass

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