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Canoe/Kayak Slalom

Canoe/Kayak Slalom

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A whalebone and driftwood frame, with a sea-lion skin stretched tautly over it and waterproofed with whale fat, hardly suggests a budding Olympic sport. Yet the kayaks that meant life to the Inuits in the Arctic for centuries have become the racing kayaks of the modern world - even if the building materials have changed.[Full story]

List of Events

On the program of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008
  • • C-1 (canoe single) Men
  • • C-2 (canoe double) Men
  • • K-1 (kayak single) Men
  • • K-1 (kayak single) Women

Athlete Quota:

61 men
21 women
Total of 82 athletes

  • ENTRY (M)
  • ENTRY (W)
Event Qualification Total
2007 World Championships 52 athlete quota places will be attributed at the 2007 World Championships, including the host nation if not otherwise qualified. Men: 37 quotas
Women: 15 quotas
Continental Qualification Competitions Continental Qualification Competitions will be held to attribute the following athlete quota places: Men: 24 quotas
Women: 6 quotas
8 men and 2 women athlete quota places will qualify
4 men and 1 women athlete quota places will qualify
4 men and 1 women athlete quota places will qualify
4 men and 1 women athlete quota places will qualify
4 men and 1 women athlete quota places will qualify
Continental representation Unused athlete quota places will be reallocated to continents (-)
Host nation If the host NOC participates in one or more of the four events (K1 Men, K1 Women, C1 Men and C2 Men) in the Global Qualification Competition, but is not able to qualify in an event at any of the Qualification Competitions, then they will be allocated Athlete Quota Places for each event (K1 Men, K1 Women, C1 Men and C2 Men) they participated in at the Global Qualification Competition but did not qualify.
The required Athlete Quota Place(s) will be taken from the Global Qualification’s number of Athlete Quota places.
Tripartite Commission Invitations 2 Tripartite Commission Invitations will be available in the sport of Canoe-Kayak (2 Athlete Quotas)
Total Men
61 quotas
21 quotas

Hall of Fame

Michal Martikan Michal Martikan At the age of 16, Michal Martikan became the youngest winner of a World Cup slalom canoeing event. Three months later, now 17 years old, Martikan was in sixth place after the first run of the canoe slalom singles event at the 1996 Olympics. [Full story]

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