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First wind turbine to generate electricity for Beijing by year's end (photo attached)

First wind turbine to generate electricity for Beijing by year's end (photo attached)
Beijing's Guanting wind power field gets its first wind turbine (Photo credit: Beijing Daily)

(BEIJING, July 23) -- The Guanting wind power field -- Beijing's first major wind power field -- had its first wind turbine installation.

Once all 33 wind turbines of the 1st phase project are installed, the Guanting wind power field will begin supplying power to Beijing by the end of the year.

The Beijing Energy Investment Holding Co., Ltd is financing the project

The Guanting wind power field project is Beijing's first large-scale use of wind power, and it is just one of the projects that will be used to fulfill the City's Olympic promise of a Green Olympics

It is expected that the new wind power field will cut back the use of coal by 50,000 tons annually, thereby reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions by 100,000 tons; sulfur dioxide emissions by 782 tons; carbon monoxide emissions by 11 tons and nitrogen oxide emissions by 444 tons.

The 50,000-kilowatt capacity 1st phase wind power field is capable of generating 100 million units of electricity. Since the average family uses approximately 1,000 units of energy per year, the wind power field would be able to meet the energy needs of 100,000 families.

Before 2010, Beijing is expected to build a 2nd phase wind power field with a 100,000-kilowatt capacity.

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