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Liu Qi: Ensure supply of essentials for Games

Updated: 2008-07-23

(BEIJING, July 23) -- President of BOCOG Liu Qi on Tuesday stressed the need to efficiently supply water, electricity, natural gas and heat during the upcoming Olympic Games, Beijing Daily reports.

Liu, secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, and Guo Jinlong, mayor of Beijing, pressed a button of a group of generators to officiate the commission of the Taiyanggong Gas-Fired Cogeneration Plant in Beijing, China's largest thermal power plant, whose efficiency is 13 percent higher than the most advanced coal-fired power plant in the world.

The highest ranking officials of the capital city also visited a station of the Beijing Gas Transportation and Distribution Project, which brings natural gas from Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia Provinces to meet the demands of the Olympic Games.

Then they toured Beixiaohe Sewage Treatment Plant and inquired about measures to cope with water drainage in case of flood emergencies for the central area of the Olympic Green.

While praising the relevant departments for their thorough preparations in logistics, Liu urged them to do a better job to ensure the supply of water, electricity, natural gas and heat while keeping vigilant against any unexpected occurrences.

"Bring more benefits to the people and lessen their burden as you think about city operations to meet the demands of the Olympics," Liu emphasized.

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