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The Promise of Winter Honoured with the Guirlande d’Honneur at Milano International FICTS Fest

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MILAN, Nov. 22, (Xinhua) -The award ceremony of the 34th Milano InternationalFICTS Fest took place in Milan on the evening of November 21 (local time). Theshort documentary The Promise of Winter,co-presented by the Press Commission of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) andthe Press and Publicity Department of the General Administration of Sport ofChina and produced by China Sports Publications Corporation, was honoured witha Guirlande d’Honneur.

The Milano International FICTS Fest is often referred to as “Sports Oscars”.This edition saw the entry of 146 works from 116 countries and regions for thefinals in Milan. Among 17 of the works recommended by Beijing InternationalSports Film Week, the following four made it into the finals: The Promise of Winter, The Journey is the Reward, Start from Clouds and Bullfighter in Deep Mountains. The Promise of Winter eventually snatchedthe Guirlande d’Honneur for short documentary. A representative of the film’s key-creativeteam accepted the qualification certificate and the Guirlanded’Honneur award from Franco Ascani, President of the International SportsMovies and Television Federation (FICTS), during the award ceremony.

Guirlande d’Honneur awardfrom Milan International FICTS Fest

With the successful joint bid of Beijing and Zhangjiakou for the 2022Olympic Winter Games as its context, The Promiseof Winter focuses on current development of winter sports in Chongli,Zhangjiakou. The documentary uses vivid characters and stories to narrate thealluring rendezvous of the Chinese people with the Winter Olympics and wintersports.

During an interview after the award ceremony, a member of the film’s key-creativeteam remarked that it was a great privilege for them that The Promise of Winter was honoured at Milan International FICTSFest. The award of Guirlande d’Honneuris very encouraging for the key-creativeteam as itis a recognition of the film’sexcellence. The support andencouragement from thePress Commission of the COC and the Press and Publicity Department of theGeneral Administration of Sport of China were greatly appreciated at the eventas they pledged to make more efforts for producing better works for thedevelopment of sports and sports culture in China.

Representative of thefilm’s key-creative team accepting the qualification certificate and the Guirlanded’Honneur award from FICTS President Franco Ascani during the award ceremony

The Promise of Winter is a part of the documentaryseries known as “Culture in Sports City”, produced by the Press Commission ofthe COC and the Press and Publicity Department of the General Administration ofSport of China. Both organisations have been filming over the past years with anaim to facilitate the development of sports culture through vividly documentingand projecting the rich and colourful sports life and cultures in differentChinese cities. Young directors, cameramen and editors from units, such asinfosports.com.cn, were involved in the documentary’s production, while expertsfrom China Central Television also pledged their support.

The 34th Milano International FICTS Fest formally concludedafter the award ceremony on November 21. Diverse events were held during thefest, including sports film and television themed forum, screenings, and sportsart exhibition. Moreover, a platform for communication and collaboration wascreated for sports film and television producers from around the globe.

Wen Wen, Secretary-Generalof the COC Press Commission and Inspector and Deputy Head of the Publicity Departmentof the General Administration of Sport of China, attending the “China Day”event at Milano International FICTS Fest

While attending the “China Day” event at Milano International, Wen Wen,Secretary-General of the COC Press Commission and Inspector and Deputy Head ofthe Publicity Department of the General Administration of Sport of China, saidthat sports had the power to change the world and the development of sportsculture was one of the key means to a better future. She said that the COC has alwaysplaced great emphasis on the fostering and promotion of sports culture, and itwill rigorously continue its efforts for its countrywide promotion throughvarious avenues, including sports films and television.

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