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The 12th Beijing International Sports Film Week Concluded with Grand Success

On October 30, Ice and Snow Dream inSports Film—the Winter Olympics image development seminar of the 12thBeijing International Sports Film Week—was held at the Bird’s Nest CultureCenter. The seminar marked the official end to this year’s BeijingInternational Sports Film Week. Gao Yunchao, Deputy Director of Beijing OlympicCity Development Center, Yin Hong, Vice Chairman of China Literary and ArtCritics Association, head of Film & TV Broadcast Research Center ofTsinghua University, Tong Jian, member of the Chinese figure skating team andworld champion, and a host of film industry professionals, critics, academicsand sports fans attended the seminar.

Guests gather at the seminar tocontribute ideas to development

At the winter image seminar, Gao Yunchaoexpressed his hope of using the seminar as a platform to solicit ideas andstrategies for the creation and advancement of sports film and TV productionsin China to facilitate the creation of more outstanding sports film and TVproductions and pass on a louder voice of China to the wider world.

On the topic of the status quo of sportsfilm and TV in China and the direction of future growth, Yang Song, Deputy Chiefof New Media Center at the Headquarters of China Sports PublicationsCorporation, said that sports film and TV must operate in line with marketrules, incorporate commercial elements and stick to diversified developmentpaths for fast growth.

Shi Hang, renowned scriptwriter and showcreator, pointed out that the mental/spiritual happiness and satisfactionbrought to people by sports ought to be explored on a deeper level and allefforts should revert back to the development of humanity. He called on the famousdirectors in China’s film and TV industry to get actively involved in thecreative process of sports film and TV productions to contribute to theadvancement of sports films with their own influence and industry sway.

Liang Mai, producer of Sports Life — aCCTV 5 program — pointed out that sports film and TV should leverage thepreparations for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games  as an opportunity for more creative work.

Yin Hong pointed out that, during thepreparation phase of Beijing 2022, the real-life stories of those associatedwith ice and snow sports should be fully explored and the conventional fixationon the gold medal should be put aside to expand public perception andunderstanding of sports games and divert the focus of attention onto spiritualpursuits, thereby incorporating the sportsmanship into people’s daily lives.

Other guests also expressed their wishesto get actively involved in the making of top-notch sports films in the run-upto Beijing 2022.

Warm response to the screenings andactive engagements at themed salon events

As the Beijing leg of the global finalsof the 34th Milano International FICTS Fest, thisyear’s Beijing International Sports Week received over 100 film and TVproductions. 17 of which, including SmallOlympics in Big Mountains, Run to thePeak, Start from Clouds, wereshortlisted in nine segments, including documentaries, feature films, sportsadvertisements, Olympics and Olympiad spirit, and are to compete at the “SportsOscars” — the global finals of the 34th Milano International FICTSFest. In addition, 12 Chinese and international film and TV productions tookpart in public benefit screenings. The “Beijing International Sports Film Weeknationwide university exhibition” was also held across many universities.

During the Beijing International SportsFilm Week, a series of meet-and-greet and themed salon events with cast andcrew were held. Members of the cast and crew of The Match, Run to the Peak,Fighting Spain and I Want to Fly, came to meet the audienceand share with them behind-the-scenes stories and watched the films with theaudience. Members of the audience made their affection and appreciation for thecast and crew with rounds of applause.

The 12th BeijingInternational Sports Film Festival held themed salon events at the CGVuniversity classroom, including the “AnimateSports Stories” and “New Start and NewOpportunities: Rebirth of Sports Film on New Media Platform” — wherethe cast and crew of four films (Run tothe Peak, Start Again, My Adventurer and Journal of a Skater), representatives of 1905.com and BeijingSports University, and guests from the sports channel, CCTV and other mediaoutlets were invited to a discussion of the development paths of sports filmsin the era of new media.

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