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Public Screenings at the 12th Beijing International Sports Film Week Successfully Conclude

The last sessionof public screenings at the 12th Beijing International Sports FilmWeek drew to a close at the CGV Star International Film House on October 29.

During thefive-day event, 12 highly entertaining and finely made Chinese andinternational film productions were screened, projecting humanity and thespirit of self-transcendence. During the film week, the“Beijing International Sports Film Week nationwide university exhibitions” wereheld at a number of universities across the country. They received wide acclaimfrom faculty members and students alike. The organisers also heldmeet-and-greet events with the cast and crew members of the films, besideshaving salons, allowing the audience to share the creative passion whilstenjoying fine sports film productions.

Dazzling Sports Films and Super Popular Meet-and-GreetSalons:

The 12thBeijing International Sports Film Week featured meet-and-greet events with thecast and crew members of a number of films, including The Match, Run to the Peak,Fighting Spain and I Want to Fly. Moreover, salon events wereorganised, including “Animate Sports Stories” and “New Start and New Opportunities:Rebirth of Sports Film on New Media Platform”, among others. The cast and crewof the films shared behind-the-scenes stories and engaged in in-depth discussionswith film makers, critics, sports industry professionals and top studentrepresentatives. They discussed the selection of subject matter, creativeprocess, promotion of sports film and TV productions and winter-themed sportsproductions. The event was very well received among the attendees.

Public Screenings of Top Productions Gather Accolades:

In tandem withthe 12th Beijing International Sports Film Week, public screeningsof 12 top film productions from across the world were organised. Six of thefilms on show came from Russia, Italy, Norway, UK, US and Germanyspanning acrossAsia, Europe and America. The subject matters were wide-ranging, coveringsports, such as figure skating, volley ball and ski jumping. Additionally, theyhad varying genres, such as documentaries, feature films, etc. The screeningsproved to attract popularity from Beijing locals as every session venue was packedto capacity. The films which were screened included:

Rings of the World (official film of the Sochi WinterOlympics): The documentary comprising 17chapters, divided by sports games was made with apt techniques. 32characters were chosen to depict all sports games of winter Olympics from theopening to the closing ceremony. It is an official Olympics documentary thatshowcases the Olympic spirit throughout the film.

Spirit in Motion (official film of the Sochi WinterParalympics): Paralympics and Olympicshave always co-existed like twins. Whilst we are enthralled by the exquisiteskills of the Olympics contenders, we invariably feel moved and shed tears atthe marvellous performance given by the Paralympics athletes. As the officialdocumentary of the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014, Spirit in Motion tells the stories of eight Paralympics athletes.

Opera on Ice (Italian film): The film combines the most elegant sports with themost elegant art form to give an interpretation of exquisite ice skatingperformance at the world-renowned ancient arena in Verona. In Opera on Ice, the audience are shownchallenging yet elegant ice skating performances coupled with symphony musicand singing by male and female singers that are at times upbeat and sometimes sorrowful.The film showcases the charisma of figure skating and opera with famous operapieces.

The Optimists, passing on the spirit of “ageless sports”: The film features a cosy and vibrant atmosphere. It tells a storyabout a group of Danish “grandmothers” aged between 60 and 98 who have formed avolley ball club and train in a cosy and happy atmosphere. Based on a truestory, the film teaches the audience what growing old in mundane, everyday lifeentails, and what is the essence of not being afraid of getting old and facinglife heads on.

Eddie the Eagle“Forest Gump” of ski jumping: It tells a real story of a handicappedperson named Eddie striving to become an Olympic athlete through his hard work.Some say he is the real-life version of Forest Gump and won the respect of manyfor his “failed attempt” at ski jumping. His story inspired many.

In addition tothese outstanding foreign productions, Chinese films also won accolades from theaudience during the screenings. Members of the cast and crew of a number of thefilms were invited to meet-and-greet events to share their experiences duringfilming and behind-the-scenes stories.

Run to the Peak: The film documents the entire process of two cross-country races which Shanhutook part in. In the UTMB race held in 2013, she was forced to withdraw. Aftera year of recuperating, Shanhu took up the challenge at an even more demanding“Giant Race” in 2014 and became the first Chinese woman to finish the racesince the record began.

Fighting Spain: It is a documentary about stories on Chinese and Spanish football. Itis also the very first time a folk football team from China “challenged”overseas football teams for a match via the internet. Members of the folkfootball team are from all walks of life and have come together for theirshared passion for football and common aspiration to reinvigorate Chinesefootball. Their series of actions are sure to impress and inspire many.

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