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First World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo Opens Today

OnOctober 19, 2016, the opening ceremony and the main conference of World WinterSports (Beijing) Expo 2016—jointly held by Beijing Olympic City DevelopmentAssociation (BODA) and International Data Group (IDG)—took place at the ChinaNational Convention Center.

GuoJinlong, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretaryof the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, President of the Beijing Organising Committeefor the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and Honorary President of BODA,Wang Anshun, Mayor of Beijing, Executive President of Beijing 2022 and ExecutivePresident of BODA, Zhang Gong, Standing Member and Secretary General of the CPCBeijing Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Beijing, Zhang Jiandong, Vice Mayorof Beijing, Executive Vice President of Beijing 2022 and Vice President of BODA,Xu Ning, Vice Governor of Hebei Province and Vice President of Beijing 2022, LuYong, Board Chairman of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and Vice Presidentof Beijing 2022, Sun Dongsheng, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, LiuJingmin, Deputy Director of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture,Healthcare and Sports of the CPPCC, and Executive Vice President of BODA, JiangXiaoyu, Vice President of BODA, Li Yingchuan, Assistant to the Minister of the GeneralAdministration of Sport of China, Han Zirong, Secretary General of Beijing 2022,and Jiang Fan, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal Government,attended the opening ceremony and toured the Winter Expo (subject to actualattendance).

WangAnshun said in his speech that the Winter Expo is an important platform fordisseminating the Olympic spirit and showcasing the charisma of ice and snow sports.This year’s Winter Expo features the theme of “opening the future” anddemonstrates industrial development results, discusses future development ideasand promotes partnership and communication among all stakeholders throughconference/summit, feature exhibition, project promotion and other events. Hebelieves that the Winter Expo will play a key role in fostering the penetrationand development of winter sports in China and enhancing the development levelof China’s winter sports industry.

Wintersports are full of passion and vitality, and the winter sports industry has abright outlook. To secure the success of Beijing 2022, we are carrying out aseries of winter sports programs to enable more members of the public to accessthe charisma of ice and snow sports, which has also generated tremendousopportunities for developing the winter sports industry. We sincerely lookforward to jointly growing and developing with our friends in business andsports from across the world through the Winter Expo. We shall exhaust everyresource available to deliver proper services and keep expanding the influenceof the Winter Expo. Our goal is to make every event better than in the previousyear and make new contributions to a bright future of winter sports.

Inhis speech, Li Yingchuan said, that China has taken part in 10 consecutive OlympicWinter Games since 1980, winning in total 12 gold medals, 22 silver and 19bronze medals, and significantly enhancing our winter sports proficiency in theprocess. In addition, as the implementation of the “south-west expansion”strategy deepened, winter sports have gradually extended to northern China, thenorthwest and the southeast, attracting an increasing and ever more zealousfollowing, driving up the prosperous growth of the winter sports industry alongthe way. In Hebei, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang, the winter sports industry has playeda positive role in ridding the regions of poverty, reinvigorating existingindustrial bases and developing boarder economy, becoming a new highlight infacilitating regional economic and social development. It is estimated that thewinter sports industry in China will reach a scale of RMB 600 billion by 2020,with the figure potentially going up to RMB 1 trillion by 2025.

Atthe main conference, Zhang Jiandong gave a keynote speech entitled “The impactof Beijing 2022 on future development of cities”. He said that the OlympicWinter Games are the biggest and highest-level comprehensive winter sportsevent in the world, have tremendous influence and are watched by all. Based onprevious experience, the event will be attended by delegations from close to100 countries and regions and will be covered by all major media outlets.Government officials, members of the audience and tourists from across theworld will come to watch the Games, and television broadcast of the events willbe watched by billions of people. The preparations for Beijing 2022 represent agolden opportunity to significantly enhance Beijing and Zhangjiakou’s cityservice functions and strongly promote communication and collaboration withinternational organizations and overseas cities in economy, culture, sports,technology and other areas, so as to establish a better international image andenable more people in the world a more direct and closer understanding ofBeijing and Zhangjiakou, to fully showcase to the world our developmentaccomplishments, ultimately greatly enhancing the international influence ofthe cities.

Theopening ceremony was presided over by Liu Jingmin. Ivo Ferriani, President ofInternational Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) and member of the IOC CoordinationCommission for Beijing 2022, addressed the audience at the opening ceremony. TimothyFok, President of the Olympic Committee of Hong Kong and member of the IOC CoordinationCommission for Beijing 2022, Yang Yang, member of the IOC, Kate Caithness,member of the IOC, President of the IBSF, President of World CurlingFederation, and member of the IOC Coordination Commission for Beijing 2022, Risto Nieminen, Presidentof the Finnish Olympic Committee, member of the IOC Coordination Commissionfor Beijing 2022, and member of the IOC Sustainability and Legacy Commission,Anders Besseberg, President of International Biathlon Union, and Jorg Schmidt, Headof Swiss National Tourist Office, among others, attended the opening ceremonyand the main conference.

Themain conference was presided over by Jiang Xiaoyu. Timothy Fok gave a keynotespeech. Jorg Schmidt gave a speech under the title “Development Journey ofWinter Sports Industry and Takeaways of Switzerland. Chinese and internationalguests were invited at the main conference to speak about “focusing on wintersports industry trends” and “winter sports industry enters a new era”.

Some800 people, including representatives of sports organisations and winter sportsvenues, the IOC, IFs, world-renowned winter industry-related enterprises,sponsors, partnership institutions and academics, journalists, attended theopening ceremony and the main conference.

To encourage300 million Chinese people to practice winter sports and implement the StateCouncil and Beijing Municipal Government’s strategy for speeding up thedevelopment of the sports industry and promoting sports consumption, BODA andthe IDG jointly decided to establish a high-end international exhibitionfeaturing primarily winter sports and the winter sports industry, which is howthe Winter Expo came to being. Between 2016 and 2022, the Winter Expo will beheld on an annual basis. As a key program of the city of Beijing in its effortsof expediting the development of winter sports between 2016 and 2022, the WinterExpo will build a key platform for engaging with international winter sportsresources and fostering the development of the winter sports industry in China,thereby enhancing public awareness and understanding of winter sports andultimately promoting the growth of the winter sports industry.

Thefirst Winter Expo adopts the theme of “opening the future” and covers openingceremony and the main conference, parallel forums, exhibition and relatedactivities, integrating winter sports, the winter sports industry, wintertourism, talent cultivation and youths training, among others.

Theparallel forums will be conducted around six themes, namely, “winter sports equipmentand technology”, “ski resort operation and management”, “Internet plus sportsmarketing”, “winter sports tourism industry”, “winter sports talentsdevelopment”, “winter sports industry investment and financing”. More than 100representatives from domestic and international the winter sports industry,sports schools, tourism industries and the internet sector will be invited toengage in specialized discussions. A series of project promotion events willalso be held in parallel.

TheWinter Expo has around 22,000 sqm in exhibition space which is divided into 4themed sections, including National Pavilions (including Switzerland andAustria), Ski Resort and Destinations, Internet+ Sport and VR Experience, Snow Sports,Venue & Facilities and Operation, Outdoor Sports, Fitness Equipment and Sports/Leisure,and Olympic-themed Exhibition.

Aseries of attention-drawing activities are held in tandem with the exhibition.A 500-sqm real ice performance area is set up at the venue to give iceperformance and enable teenagers to learn and experience ice skating. The ideais to allow the public access the speed and passion of winter sports throughvirtual reality.

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