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IOC Coordination Commission for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 Held 1st Meeting

Yesterday afternoon, theIOC Coordination Commission for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 (CoCom)held 1st meeting in Beijing. Guo Jinlong, Member of the Political Bureau of theCPC Central Committee, Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee andPresident of Beijing 2022, and Zhukov, Chair of the IOC Coordination Commissionfor the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, delivered speeches at the meeting. LiuPeng, Minister of the General Administration of Sport of China and ExecutivePresident of Beijing 2022, Wang Anshun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC BeijingMunicipal Committee, Mayor of Beijing, and Executive President of Beijing 2022;Zhang Qingwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, Governorof Hebei Province, and Executive Presidents of Beijing 2022; and Zhang Haidi,Chairperson of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and Executive Presidentof Beijing 2022 attended the meeting.

Inhis speech, Zhukov noted that the CoCom will, together with Beijing 2022,embark on a six-year journey towards the objectives of hosting a successfuledition of the Olympic Winter Games and leaving great Olympic wealth to Beijingand Hebei Province.Challenges areinevitable in the process of hosting the Olympic Winter Games and we aredetermined to overcome all the difficulties. With the strong support of theChinese government, Beijing will maximise its abundant experience andadvantages in terms of hosting major events and this is in line with the visionof the Olympic Movement. In 2008, Beijing made tremendous achievements by hosting theOlympic Games for the first time in China. I believe that six years later in2022, Beijing will once again make history by becoming the first in the worldto have hosted both the Olympic Winter and Summer Games.

Inhis speech, Guo Jinlong first extended a warm welcome to the CoCom members onbehalf of Beijing 2022.He noted that the Chinese government has attached greatimportance to the preparations of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter GamesBeijing 2022 and included the preparatory work into the “13th Five-Year"Plan for National Development and the National Strategy of Integrated andCoordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. ChinesePresident Xi Jinping and Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang have givenclear instructions for the preparatory work. We will earnestly fulfil thedevelopment concepts of innovation, coordination, openness and sharing,organise the Games in a green, shared, open and clean manner, and strive todeliver a fantastic, extraordinary and excellent edition of the Olympic WinterGames.

Presently, we areearnestly implementing the Olympic Agenda 2020 and forging ahead with ourpreparatory work as per the requirements of the IOC. CoCom serves asa bridge of communication and plays an important role in facilitating ourpreparatory work in all aspects. All the CoCom members are well-known expertswith abundant experience in preparing the Olympic Games. We hope you will giveus suggestions and help us further expand our insights and improve our plans,so as to align our preparatory work more closely with the Olympic values andIOC's reform requirements and meet our national conditions and the realities ofthe venue and infrastructure locations. We will fully respect and activelyfollow your suggestions, adopt innovative ways of thinking to analyse andresolve problems, and complete each preparatory task by high standards and withhigh quality, thereby fulfilling our solemn commitments to the internationalcommunity.

Themeeting listened to Beijing 2022's presentations on topics such as theorganisational structure, sustainability and legacy, collaboration with IFs,winter sports development, marketing, communications and engagement, and venuesand infrastructure. During the meeting, the CoCom will also inspect the venue planning andconstruction in the three Games Zones in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou andhold talks with Beijing 2022 on issues of ensuring the consistency of visionsduring the preparation, enhancing innovation and efficiency in the foundationphase, encouraging "300 million people to participate in wintersports", and implementing the Olympic Agenda 2020.

Officialsof the Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing 2022, including Zhang Gong,Zhang Jiandong, Yang Shu'an, Xu Ning, Lu Yong, Li Wei (Secretary General of theBeijing Municipal Government), and Zhu Haowen (Secretary General of the Hebei Provincial Government)attended the meeting.

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